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Thread: Hufflepuff puff puff will blow you away!

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    "Right," said Charlie. "There are usually three Chasers on a team, but when we play, there'll just be one."

    "What are you doing, Uncle Harry?" Victoire asked suddenly. Harry was kneeling on the ground, fumbling with the straps of the other two visible balls.

    Harry grabbed a bat. "Stand back," he warned Teddy and Victoire. They exchanged nervous glances before taking tentative steps back.

    Harry released the strap and the jet black ball shot straight up. It came back down just as quickly as it had ascended and with a strong whack!, Harry averted the ball from hitting anyone.
    99 words.

    Emma, your goal this time is to write more than 68 words!

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    Victorie emmitted a girlish squeal as Harry dropped the bat to the ground, readying himself for the returning impact of the bludger.


    Wrestling the jittery ball back into the box, Harry grunted.

    "Say 'ello to to the bludger. Nastiest piece of work on the pitch."

    Victorie and Teddy took a step back.

    Once the ball was clipped back in, Charlie pulled Harry up from the ground.

    "Bludgers are hit around by the beaters, aiming at players on the other team, and adverting them from players on their team."

    Victorie tilted her head, "Do you get points?"
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    Charlie shook his head. "Not these balls. Bludgers are meant to stop the other team from scoring points."

    Teddy was nodding, but Victoire looked a bit put out.

    "But Uncle Charlie," she protested, "If Chasers can only score ten points for the Quaffle, then how are you supposed to win?"

    "The Golden Snitch!" Teddy shrieked. He seemed immensely proud of himself. Victoire shot him a confused look.

    "But there aren't any more balls to play with."

    “The Snitch is very special,” said Harry. “We keep it in here.” He pointed to the small compartment that Victoire had pointed out earlier.
    100 words! BEAT THAT!

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    With a small, almost inaudible click, the compartment popped open. The golden snitch fluttered out, and hovered a few inches from Victorie's nose. Her eyes shimmered.

    "I like this snitch already."

    Charlie laughed, "Don't get too stary-eyed. There's only one seeker per team."

    Victorie slid her hands to her waist and pursed her lips. "Are you saying I'm not good enough?"

    Teddy muttered under his breath.

    "Shut up," the blonde snarled. "I could beat you any day."

    "But you've never been on a broom!" Teddy countered, taking a similar stance.

    “Have too!” Victoire shouted. The two glared at each other.
    WOOT! I did it. 100 words exactly!!


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    "Tell you what, guys," Harry said quickly, wanting to avoid conflict. "Maybe this first game, we'll play without the Snitch. That way, you guys can try out the different positions. You can each be Chasers, and Charlie and I will be the Keepers - Keepers guard the goal posts," Harry added, noticing Victoire's questioning stare.

    "What about the Bludgers?" Teddy asked offhandedly.

    "Well...we don't have to play with them, if you don't want-" Charlie began.

    “No, let’s play with them!” Victoire said, clearly wanting to take advantage of Teddy’s hesitation. “After all, they’re part of a real Quidditch game.”
    99 words.

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    *takes advantage of Fresca's crazy-ness*

    Teddy rolled his eyes. Must Victorie always show him up?

    "Fine. We'll play with the bludgers."

    Charlie and Harry exchanged looks. They had clearly gotten themselves into... something.

    They were just about to head a few feet into the air when a light voice called over to them.

    "You weren't thinking about starting without us, now?"

    Bright-eyed Ginny and poised Fleur were making their way over to the pitch. Teddy and Victorie launched themselves at their aunt and mother.

    "You've come to watch us!" they cried.

    "Watch?" Fleur said, lifting her nose into the air, "Why, we've come to play."
    100 words! WOOT!


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    "Play?" Teddy repeated, a bit confused. "I thought you didn't like being on a broom, Aunt Fleur."

    Fleur huffed. "Eet ees my Victorie's first time on a broomsteek. Do you tink I would let 'er play without me?"

    Charlie and Harry exchanged glances, but they shrugged.

    "Okay, how about this," Harry began. "Teddy and Victoire, you two will be the Chasers. Charlie and Fleur will play Keeper, and Ginny and I will be the Beaters.”

    “What about the Seeker?” Ginny protested. “And why are we playing with Bludgers their first time?”
    91 words this time Emma. I'm thinking that we should have Seekers and it should either be Harry v. Ginny or Teddy v. Victoire for *cough* reasons. Then we should eliminate either the Chasers or the Beaters, whichever you want. You choose!

    Thanks for playing with me!

    <3 Fresca

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    Harry shifted his weight from foot to foot, "Well, they wanted-

    "Do you think I care what they wanted, Harry James Potter? What is it with you? They're tiny little things! Bludgers could kill them!"

    Fleur shook her head, "Eet ees good zat we got 'ere on teme. Wat would 'ave 'appeened wizout us?"

    Ginny turned to Teddy and Victorie, "Do I sense that we have two little seekers on our hands?"

    The two grinned.
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    Harry released the Quaffle from its case, tentatively holding it under one arm. Ginny quickly surrounded the playing field with the usual enchantments; to make sure that the snitch could not escape.

    In a deep announcers voice, Harry proclaimed, “Players mount your brooms. On my whistle then. 3-2-1 Tweet!” He touched two fingers to his mouth in a piercing whistle.

    It was immediate disarray. Harry threw the Quaffle into the air and Ginny caught it laughing. She made to swoop towards Charlie’s goal, when she noticed that the two children were merely gazing up into space.

    “What’cha guys doing?”
    Wow. I am so so so sorry. I was at a new school, and the work was really more than I could handle. I think from now on, I am going to try to write one of these a day to make it up to you guys.

    ^In my post, I was thinking that they were gazing around and weren't going to fly until they saw the Snitch. Someone has to explain it to them.

    I'm Back (with 99 words)

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    Just Tink
    “Waiting for the Snitch,” Teddy answered, giving Ginny a confused look. “That’s what we’re supposed to do, isn’t it?”

    “Not exactly,” Harry cut in. “You’ve got to fly around for it. Seekers have to be the best flyers on the team.”

    “Were you the best flyer on your team, Uncle Harry?” Victoire asked, enthralled.

    “Well,” Harry began, “I wasn’t bad-”

    “Stop showing off, Harry, we’ve got a game,” Ginny interrupted. Grinning, Teddy was the first to push off of the ground.
    Sorry for the delay- I moved unexpectedly this week. 88 words!

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