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Thread: Hufflepuff puff puff will blow you away!

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    I voted Charlie merely because I always wanted to see him play. I think if his occurence is explained in an early drabble it should work out just fine. What position will Teddy's strong point be?

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    Keeper or Chaser I think strikes me as Teddy's calling...not entirely sure why though.

    If people would like to get started, anyone feel free to start! There is no posting order for the team: the only rule is that you cannot post twice in a row.

    As far as beta'ing, please make every effort to use correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation. When I combine the document, I'll make all the necessary corrections, should any remain.

    If more details need to be hashed out, please feel free to keep them coming. I only suggested we'd start because Ravenclaw has, and we don't want to be too far behind!

    *huggles Jerri, Emma, and Kendall*


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    WOOT! *starts the writing*

    Teddy Lupin's ears pricked up at the sound of the doorbell. Finally, it was here. The day that he had been waiting for all year.

    His birthday.

    He pulled his eight-year-old socks on and his eight-year-old shoes, threw on his eight-year-old shirt, and ran down the stairs. Finding that something was missing, he quickly returned to his room to pull on a pair of trousers. His big-boy, eight-year-old trousers. They were nothing like his seven-year-old trousers. These were special.

    Uncle Harry was coming over today, with Victorie and Uncle Charlie. He was finally going to play Quidditch.
    Does everyone understand that bit about the eight-year-old clothing? He's eight, now (if you want me to change the age, just say so) and so everything seems bigger and better.


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    He raced down the stairs in his new shoes when he heard the knock at the door. He could hear his grandma opening the door and inviting Harry inside. “Uncle Harry!” Teddy squealed as he raced over the hug his godfather.

    “There’s the special birthday boy!” Harry said, grinning. “Are you ready for your first Quidditch lesson?”

    “He’s talked of nothing else for days,” Mrs. Tonks remarked, looking down at her grandson fondly.

    “Is Victoire with you?” Teddy asked hopefully of Harry.

    Harry smiled, bemused. “Yes, she and your Uncle Charlie are out in the field already. Come on!”
    Woo! Word count at 99. *wipes sweat off brow*

    Let's keep it up, guys!


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    Hey, sorry to post so soon- I'm just too excited. I'll try to contain it next time, though. ^.^

    Grabbing his Uncle's hand, they raced down to the small pitch, triping over small gnome holes on the way. Upon the sight of the high, white goals and the hovering Charlie, Teddy stopped, frozen in his tracks.

    "Uncle Harry?"


    "What if I fall off?"

    Harry bent down in front of his godson, staring him straight in the eyes, "Well, I guess I'll just have to catch you then, won't I?"

    And Teddy, with the mind of an eight-year-old, felt safe. There was no doubt whatsoever that Uncle Harry wouldn't take care of him.
    94 words! WOOT!


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    Happy birthday, Teddy!”

    Teddy immediately perked up at the sight of Victoire Weasley running towards him, her blonde hair flying behind her. He smiled widely. “Thanks, Victoire!” She grabbed his hand and the two of them raced over to the broomsticks on the edge of the pitch. Charlie landed by Harry and strode towards him.

    “Hey Harry, you ready for this?”

    "Of course," Harry said, grinning. “I wouldn’t want to miss this for the world.” He and Charlie walked over to where the two kids were already picking up the broomsticks with interest.
    93 words .

    Jerri and Kendall, where are you??????

    Thanks for writing with me, Emma! Feel free to continue!


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    " I'm going to ride the Shooting Star. It's my dad's old broom. What about you, Teddy?"

    Victorie picked up a broom from the small pile as she spoke. It was a dark green, with oarange bristles.

    Teddy shrugged, and turned to Harry

    "Which one was yours?"

    The older wizard pointed to the one on the end, grinning, as he saw the remnants of a feather dangling from the front.
    70 words.

    *is loving this thing*

    Where are the others??


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    double posting to do Fresca's job and post the WONDIFFEROUS BANNER that KC made us....

    You don't have to upload this one on to your own server- it's on mine, and I mostly likely won't delete it any time soon.... *never deletes anything*



    no way! Gryffies stole our boys against girls idea!!!


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    "Where's the feather from?" Teddy asked curiously.

    "It's a snowy white feather from my first owl, Hedwig," Harry answered. "She passed away awhile ago."

    "Oh, I'm sorry," Teddy said somewhat awkwardly. He looked away.

    "It's okay," Harry said reassuringly. "Come on, let's get you flying!"

    He led Teddy over to where Charlie and Victoire were waiting by a chest. As they approached, Charlie opened the chest with his wand and it flew open, revealing three balls, two of which were tied down, and a small locked compartment that caught Victoire's attention.

    "What's in there?"
    94 words. Let's go, Emma!

    Come on, Kendall, Jerri! You guys still with us? *takes out binoculars*


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    Charlie smiled and unclasped the ball on the right, pulled it out, and held it out in his palm.

    "This one's the quaffle. It's-

    "Thrown around by the chasers. They try to get it in the hoops. Ten points per goal!"

    Charlie was stunned by Teddy's interruption.

    "And I thought you knew nothing about Quidditch?"

    Teddy blushed and smiled sheepishly. "I've been studying.... a bit."

    Victorie rolled her eyes.
    ...69 words. I seem to be getting a bit short, eh?



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