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Thread: Hufflepuff puff puff will blow you away!

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    Hufflepuff puff puff will blow you away!

    Looking Far Ahead…

    This round, we want to see you thinking into the future. More specifically, we want you to be thinking about the children of canon characters. We want to see their FIRST game of Quidditch – when they’re first learning the rules, catching the Quaffle, everything.

    The children who are learning (not counting older siblings, etc who may also be playing if you like) and who are the focus of the game must not be able to attend Hogwarts yet – must be younger than that.

    You may have the children of several canon characters playing together, or have teams that are smaller than normal and only have the children of one canon character playing. We want you to focus on the children – how they act, how they learn, etc.

    However, we do want to see their parents! A glimpse of them and a touch of dialogue is enough but make sure we can clearly connect the children back to their parents. Heck, if you want, the parents can be the ones to watch the game, teach the kids Quidditch, or playing with the kids -- whatever. As long as the parents (of each child playing, mind you, even if you have multiple parents and children!) are present a bit and the children are the FOCUS of your story, you should be fine.

    Remember, we want to see quality Quidditch writing, a good plot, good characterization, and lots of creativity, and many more aspects of great writing!

    May the best team win!
    Here we go! The prompt is out and we're off! I think we should spend some time planning where we're going with this before we start actually writing...I'd like for at least 2-3 days of idea mulling so we can get our heads around the prompt.

    So...feel free to post any ideas as you have them! I'll be around waiting for you guys to start, and then I'll join in. *excitement*


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    Just Tink
    Hey, Fresca, and other assorted team members! Glad to see you guys here. Go 'Puffs! Let me put away my cheerleader costume before I offer my ideas.

    It might be interesting to show Harry teaching Teddy Lupin how to play Quidditch. It seems like the sort of thing a godfather would do, especially since Andromeda doesn't seem the sort to teach Teddy sports. For the parental involvement, perhaps a flashback from Harry's POV or something of the sort would work. (Or perhaps it could be gaurdian involvement, as the parent is dead.) And mainly, I'm kind of obsessed with Teddy.

    Can't wait to hear the other ideas!

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    :O I really like that idea alot. But maybe Victorie and Bill could be involved, also? As they are around the same ages?

    *is obsessed with Teddy also*

    I think it would be amusing for Ginny and Fleur to be standing in the background, "letting the guys handle it" but with Ginny getting a bit flustered every now and then and yelling out something, like advice or "No!"


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    *waves and smiles*

    I love the idea of Harry teaching Teddy Quidditch. We could maybe have a flashback of Sirius talking about Harry's Quidditch playing? Maybe at the end we could have a pick up game of Harry and Teddy versus Ginny and Rose?

    I'm not sure the age of Rose, but it would also be interested to incorporated Charlie because he was supposed to be awesome and we never got to see him play.

    Teddy and Harry's kids could get competitive for his attention?

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    It's so great to see everyone here on the pitch! And with such awesome ideas!

    I love the idea of Harry teaching Teddy to play Quidditch. And maybe if Victoire were there, we could see a little of that Teddy/Victoire dynamic. Perhaps Victoire could be there with Charlie, instead of Bill, since Charlie plays Quidditch? Once Teddy and Victoire learn the basics, we could see a little game between Teddy/Harry and Victoire/Charlie or something.

    But how to incorporate Ginny? I think Emma is right: she should be involved. But she wouldn't just want to be on the sidelines...Maybe if Harry or Charlie is taken out with a Bludger, she could replace them? I'd love for Ginny to play.

    && the Ravenclaw team has team QWC banners! Would you guys like a team banner? If so, is there any specific bannermaker you'd like to request from?


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    Maybe if Harry or Charlie is taken out with a Bludger, she could replace them? I'd love for Ginny to play.
    :O *jumps up and down* I think it should be Charlie who was taken out, beacause THEN, it would be a male/female team and THEN the girls would just HAVE to win. (because, you know, we rule and all)

    I would LOVE to have a team banner! I really don't know who we should request from, though. KC is wondifferous, and I'm sure I could persuade him.

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    I have requested a team banner from KC. Hopefully he'll have it ready for us soon and they we can all beautify our siggys and promote the team!

    And onto business...

    I love your idea, Emma. It sounds awesome - and you're right, girls have to win!

    So, then, the proposed story looks something like: Harry is teaching Teddy to play Quidditch. Charlie is over with Victoire to play with them. (Do you guys think Victoire would be learning for the first time too, or does she already know how to play?) Teams of Harry/Teddy and Charlie/Victoire engage in Quidditch game. Charlie is taken out by Bludger. Ginny replaces him, and Ginny/Victoire win the game. *shower of happiness*

    Is this what everyone had in mind?

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    Yay for Fresca!! *woot*

    Yeah, that story line is good with me!

    I'm indifferent about Victorie, though.

    Wait. Maybe I'm not. o.O

    I think she should be learning as well. That way she wouldn't have an unfair advantage over Teddy. I think it would be better for the girls to win without that advantage.


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    Just Tink
    Sorry for the delay, guys, I was away for the weekend.

    I like what we've got so far! Question, though- why is Charlie with Victoire? Wouldn't it be Bill? He was never a huge Quidditch character, but still, as the father...

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    I think Emma brought up that Charlie should play, since he was the big Quidditch fan...Do you guys think it should be Bill instead? I kind of lean towards Charlie, just because we know he's such a big Quidditch fan...But it could be Bill.

    Edit: Never mind, Emma pointed out to me that I brought it up. haha

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