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Thread: High-Profit Wizarding Jobs?

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    High-Profit Wizarding Jobs?

    What high profit, respectable job would a pureblood male have?

    Anything that doesn't require interaction with children, plants, or animals would be great. Thanks!

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    Maybe Head of a Deparment at the Ministry of Magic ?

    Or maybe a member of the Wizengamot ? (sorry, can't spell this morning..)

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    Pepper Imp
    I think that, being a member of a Pureblood family, they wouldn't need a job. Unless, of course, they aren't a central family member (i.e. cousin intsead of direct heir).

    But I suppose that if they had to take a job, I agree with Courtney - a high-level Ministry personell (head of department, most likey) or a part of the Wizengamot.

    I'd also want to say that maybe something that doesn't require too much effort, unlike an Auror. Even the the postition is highly-regarded, it requires a lot of extra work and schooling. I think that a pureblood male would want something minimal effort, maximum profit. Maybe owning a chain of wizarding shops?

    Hope this helped!

    - Cammie!

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    I like the idea of them owning a high-end chain of popular shops, like what Cammie said.

    I also agree that they would look for as minimal work as possible, but one with highest pay. You know, as if their resources are what get them paid.

    They could also support charities, but I'm not sure if that is a job.

    Also, if they were a head of a department, I think they'd be in something that would reflect their personalities. Ie. Arthus Weasley was the head of the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office (and he had an obsession with Muggles..), though under The New Minister he was Head of Consification of Counterfeit Spells. (or something of that variety)

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    Ryan The Wizard
    Professional slave-driver?

    Haha, just kidding. But like everybody has said, a high ranking official of the MoM would be suitable. Although nothing to do with Misuse of Muggle Artefacts, Care of Magical Creatures or International Magical Cooperation, because of the whole Pureblood deal.

    The best one I can think of would be some kind of assistant to the Minister such as Umbridge.

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