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Thread: Ask a Moderator- Number Twelve

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    Marauder by Midnight
    R_Ravenclaw - You'll need to note that some of the dialogue in the chapter is not your own and credit it to J.K. Rowling along with the page numbers we can find those quotes from. You need not put an asterick next to each quote you've taken from the book though.

    Pondering - I'm pretty sure editing your story summary will not affect your story's spot in the queue. You're submitting a chapter, not a story, at a time. It will probably move your story down if you edit the summary while your first chapter's in queue though. I'll do some experimenting and see and let you know if what I told you is wrong.

    Just Beyond the Veil - Hmm well it shouldn't affect how moderators receive email. I am able to send and receive email from people with AOL email accounts. We might have overlooked the email and/or Karin might be busy. Can you get her to email me with an explanation on everything she has tried? Thanks.

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    Hello, lovely mods! Have I mentioned how amazing you all are?

    [/sugary sweet flattery]

    Alright, so here's what I'm really posting about. Over two weeks ago I submitted a Dark/Angsty one-shot and the first chapter of a Humour fic on the same day. The rejection letter for the one-shot came to me on Sunday, but my Humour fic is still in the queue. So I was just kind of wondering if there is a back-up...

    And, also, I had a bit of what might be a stupid question - how many terms are there on here? I know there's Fall and Summer, but is there Spring and Winter, too?

    Thanks in advance.

    - Katie

    EDIT: I got a PM answering both my questions from kumydabookworm, so can someone please delete this post? For some reason my computer won't let me...

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    jenny b
    I've just realised that when I post, my post count never adds up. It stays at 18. It doesn't really matter, but it's kind of annoying. I was wondering if you could fix it?

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    Jenny, this has been asked time and time again. Some forums do not count towards your post count so it will not go up if you post mainly in your common room or the non-writing based forums.

    Please, and this goes to everyone asking questions, do a search before asking. Our search function can be a little wonky sometimes but if you wrap your search criteria in quotes it should pull something up.

    Can I also add that this thread is for members to ask moderators questions, therefore only moderators should be replying, be that here or via PM. If you are not a moderator, please do not answer the questions; this is particularly pertinent when the questions are queue-based.
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    Is this to graphic to have as a Avatar?


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    Okay, So I have searched and asked about this. I even went through the old Ask a Mod threads....

    How many banner requests may you make at a given time? They are all different stories and different BMs for each banner. So it would be like asking two different people to make two different banners.

    Thanks, Haylee

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    jecleaver2: LOL. No, it isn't. I believe a mod had that one for a while. But it is too big to be an avatar.

    XhayleeXblackX: It is fine to request more than one banner at once, just as long as they are not for the same fic. I don't believe there is a set limit. If you want to know for sure, I suggest PMing the BA Queen, Immortal Evil/Ana. She would know for sure.

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    guiding ray of sunlight

    I really don't like to nudge, but I was wondering if the ships that are AU after DH are beign abandoned? At least, ignored? Because my chapter has been in queue for quite a while, and not a singe fic has been modded in D/G.



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    guiding ray of sunlight: No ships are being abandoned. Your story is still in the queue, and the submission is dated October 1. It may appear that no stories have been modded in that category, but that is not the case. In any case, you should contact the category moderator (lily_evans34) AFTER your story has been in the queue for ten days.

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    Neville's Girl
    I'm planning on writing a collection of poems, but I'm not sure how many I'm going to write and I want to put them all in the same story under different chapters. If I say I've finished the story, but then I decide to write another poem, will I be able to edit my story to say that it is not completed?

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