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Thread: Ask a Moderator- Number Twelve

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    I've recently been having problems with threads I'm subscribed to...the emails don't reach me. Mostly this happens with the Forums in the Classes, but there are exceptions. Is this a glitch that can be fixed, then?

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    I'm wondering about the location you can put on your profile and you posty thingy (yes, that's a techical term). Mine only allows 30 characters, but I've looked at some other people's that are longer than that. Is there something that determines that???

    EDIT: Thankles!!!

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    BloodRayne, that is a problem that may or may not be solvable. I will see if I can contact the coders to see if they know a possible solution. However, you may want to check to make sure your MNFF emails aren't suddenly being sent to your bulk folder, which is something that randomly happened to me about three months ago. All I had to do was go in there and mark MNFF as a sender that should go to my regular Inbox.

    Flobberworm93, the amount of characters for the location has been adjusted to prevent people from entering too many characters resulting in the stretching of the screen. The adjustment was made after there were a number of problems with stretching occuring because of the location. Those people who added their location prior to the adjustment are the ones you are seeing with longer locations.

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    Hello, I'm not sure if this is the right place for this or not, but I recieved a review for my story Lost in the Moment that I didn't find too kind. It wasn't very bad or anything, I just didn't think it was very nice either. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to report these things or not but here is a link to the review Link. if it could just be taken off I would appretiate it. I didn't respond to it, and I hope this was the right thing to do, I don't want to see someone get into trouble, but I don't find it to be nice to down someone's work either. Thanks, Haylee


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    XhayleeXblackX: The review has been deleted. You can also contact a mod by PM if you receive a review that is inappropriate or otherwise offensive.

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    Well, I have two technical questions I hope you may be able to answer.

    #1: Certain threads in my subscribed list will disappear, usually after someone has edited their thread. I was wondering if this was something with my computer, or what.

    #2: I recently switched my email adress from my brother's (he was nice enough to let me use it while mine was not working) to the new gmail one I created just for here. But since then everytime I come here it says I am not logged in, even though I hit the 'remember me' button and I've allowed cookies for this site. And randomly it will kick me off and not let me log back on for an hour or so. >.<

    Any help with either of these questions would be greatly appreciated.

  8. 10-02-2007, 02:49 AM

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    Amber0_o, I think it may just be the way the program for the forums is when a thread gets edited. I'm not completely sure, though, as I've never experienced that problem.

    As for the problem with the boards not recognizing you after changing your email, I'm not exactly sure what the problem may be. I've looked at your account and can't see anything unusual about it. If you continue to experience the problem, please PM me.

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    In a new chapter of my fic, I'll have to take quite a bit of dialogue from OotP—specifically, "Snape's Worst Memory". Is there anything I should do other than credit in the Author's Note? I've seen some authors use asterisks. Is that necessary?


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    I just have a small question at the moment. I know when you edit a story while it is in the queue it gets resubmitted with the time stamp of the editing, but does that also apply to editing something such as the summary?



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    Just Beyond the Veil
    I asked a page back about an author I beta for having problems getting an account on the main MNFF site.

    Quote Originally Posted by Just Beyond the Veil
    One of the authors I beta for has been trying to get an account on MNFF, but she never gets the email with her password. She uses AOL email, but I don't think that one works with MuggleNet. I told her so, and she used her other email account through the school that she works for, but that one didn't work either. Does anyone know if there's something wrong or what kind of email she needs to get?
    Quote Originally Posted by songbook99
    Just Beyond the Veil, has the author checked to make sure that the MNFF emails aren't going into her Spam or Bulk folder. That could be one explanation for the problem. It it persists, have the author contact me at my staff email:
    She tried emailing Karin and some of the other mods, but received no response. I think it must be because her email doesn't work with MuggleNet, so the mods probably never got her emails, either. What should she do? Any help would be very much appreciated.

    Thank you!

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