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Thread: Ask a Moderator- Number Twelve

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    red haired mom
    I am not sure if this question belongs here, if not please let me know and I will delete it.

    I received a review in an e-mail for one of my stories. I don't want to answer the e-mail because I have a problem giving out my e-mail address.

    I am not sure who the reviewer was, but I would like to thank them. Is there a way to know or track who sends you an e-mail through Mugglenet Fan Fiction? If you need the e-mail address it came from I can supply it, I just didn't want to put it here. I am pretty sure that is against the rules.

    If there is no way to know, then I thank you anyway.


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    I'm not sure if I missed an anouncement (entirely possible ), but I'm unable to see the Sparkly-Poo forum now. Was it taken down? If so, are the threads from it all deleted, and therefore unable to be viewed? If not, I was wondering if there was a reason I can't see it.



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    Marauder by Midnight
    red haired mom - There's no way to cross-reference email addresses with the database, so we can't tell you who sent you that email. If you're wary of using your email address you can either create a new one solely to contact authors with or you can ask a middle-man, a moderator perhaps, to contact the user's email address to ask who he/she is.

    Euphrates - Sparkly Poo has been deleted. We didn't see a need to separate the spoilers and the Book 7 discussions from the rest of the forums anymore

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    What time will the Quick Silver Quills be announced on the 31 or 30? Thanks! ~MJ

    EDIT: Thanks Marauder by Midnight! =)

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    Marauder by Midnight
    MJ_Padfoot - Probably late October 31 USA time. Very late.

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    More on SparklyPoo ( Sorry):

    Because it is deleted, are all the threads from it deleted? Or were they moved somewhere? Gracias.


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    My friend Haylee has recently signed up last week, and she told me today that she hasn't gotten an email yet. Is there something wrong with her account? Her account name is Hermine.



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    Kate, the threads from Sparkly-Poo are long gone. If there is a particular discussion that was of interest, you can re-start a thread in the appropriate forum here.

    GinnyPotter: Your friend should contact songbook99 with any questions regarding her account.

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    I hope I haven't overlooked something obvious (it wouldn't be the first time) but I was wondering about the..."canonical value" of the things that JKR has said in interviews about the books, especially after DH.

    Are all the little tidbits she has told us in interviews about characters' lives after the books that are not actually mentioned in the books to be considered absolute canon? For instance, if someone wrote a story in which George never had a son, or Neville never married Hannah Abbott, would it have to have an Alternate Universe warning for such a little thing (as in, the fact that Neville is not married to Hannah is not the actual point of the story)? (Although now that I think about it, if JKR continues to give such interviews and releases an encyclopedia, we'll have to scrap the AU warning altogether and come up with something new: Warning--canon compliant .)

    Thanks for your time, and sorry that I got sort of long-winded with my question.


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    At this moment in time only things in the books are considered canon. It would be impossible for everyone to keep track of interviews and such like. Likewise, movie-based things are not considered canon.
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