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Thread: Ask a Moderator- Number Twelve

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    chasing willow

    Though I'm not totally sure, I believe that Hufflepuff has the most users and Slytherin has the least.

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    Hey mods!
    I was wondering if you could elaborate for me on what a "cross-over" story is? I've never really had to check those rules, but I'm thinking of writing a story that's plot is loosely based on a published work and I'm wondering even though I don't use the names from the published work at all in my fic, is it still considered a cross-over?

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    Sorry if this has been asked before.

    I was wondering if it is considered submitting to multiple catagories if you have 'General' and then 'Poetry' on your thingy.



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    Well, would dubious content need to be noted if a third party *assumes* that maybe a rape happened, but finds out that it did not? And this all is ascertained in a matter of about 10 lines of dialogue ?

    And I've one more question; the original reason I came into this thread...

    I've just submitted my first story for approval. At the time, I believe when I hit "Add Story" there was a text that said that I could edit while it was in the queue.

    Which...I just did, but I think I did it incorrectly, and it looks like I have two stories up in the queue...which I don't's the same thing twice, but with a paragraph break separating the disclaimer from the title of the story.

    Anyway, I hope I haven't messed up. My apologies if you all see "two" stories.

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    Marauder by Midnight
    dragonwings - There is a difference between "based on" and "cross-over." A cross-over is when you take the characters of one fandom and merge them with those of another. That doesn't sound like what you have in mind, so I'm assuming you're doing a "based on" or a "inspired by" story. You need to give credit for any idea that isn't yours. You might have been able to find your answer earlier in this thread.

    Stubbornly_appeared - You may submit one chapter in General and one chapter in Poetry. Sub-categories count as two different categories queue-wise.

    Snaperiffic - You may want to attach a Dubious Content warning just to be safe; I don't know how much is assumed in your dialogue. And do not worry about your "second" submission. You've only submitted once. When this sort of thing happens, though, privately contact a moderator since that wasn't really a question.

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    Stubby, I think MbM may have misread your question. Poetry, as a subcategory of romance, does not count as a multiple cat submission. If you only have one category (and it is NOT romance) in the white box after you've finished all your clicking, then you are fine.

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    pokethedevil, just to clarify about the quotes used in the Quotes in Fanfiction thread, you can adjust the content to keep at or under the 100 word limit. However, if you are going to adjust the quote, you need to follow the general rules about adjusting quotes. You must use an ellipse (. . .) any time you remove words from the quote. Any time you change something in the quotation, such as I have to I've, you need to put the change in brackets: [ ]

    If you ever have a question about what can or cannot be posted in General Fanfic Discussion, feel free to PM me and I will be happy to respond to prevent house points being lost.

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    Marauder by Midnight
    If I have seen someone break standard Forum rules, is there a particular mod I can alert? Or can I just PM any mod who's online?
    You are to PM any available moderator.

  9. 11-14-2007, 05:00 AM

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    I was wondering, now that we know that Snape loved Lily and that she was at least friends with him, will Snape/Lily be a category in Romance? Because I really like the pairing and would loooooooooove for it to be easier to find stories featuring them.



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    We have no plans to make Snape/Lily a romance category. We did discuss it after the release of DH and we decided against it.
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