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Thread: Ask a Moderator- Number Twelve

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    LunarEclipse, the normal waiting time for a story to be moderated is between seven and ten days. If the tenth day has passed with your submission still in the queue, you should contact the moderator in charge of the category you submitted to.

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    harrypotterfangirl21: To follow up on what Marauder by Midnight said, the rules for posting in the Beta Wanted and Beta Services, For Sale or Rent are clearly posted at the top of each forum. The user in question has been contacted by PM and advised that they need to review those rules before reposting.

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    I can't find the daily prophet classifieds forum on my forum list. I realized this when i needed i beta reader( for the 1st time) and that was the first time i realized i didn't know where to request for one. so, i checked out the FAQs and clicked on the link there. the page that appeared said that i am not privileged to see that page. Then, i searched 'beta reader wanted' and found the thread 'betas for rent/sale'. This was a forum under the daily prophet classifieds forum and when i clicked on that, again the page said i wasn't privileged to see it. this has happened to me before too. When i was new to this site (after being sorted) i couldn't see a majority of the forums. only when i used the "contact us" opton and asked about it, the rest of the forums appeared. Please help! i'm sorry if what i am doing is really stupid or if it's something that i am ignoring or doing, but i am really confused!

    thanks in advance!

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    Hello modlies!

    Well, for the past two weeks or so, I have been watching what a certain member is doing, as I am waiting to receive a PM back from them. But, whenever I go to their profile, it says, for the WHOLE DAY that they are doing the same thing. It has been that same way for two weeks, the exact same thing the whole time. Is this normal? I understand it may be a cowinkydink, but I doubt it. I don't want to say the user or what they are doing, as it is privacy.

    *Clairey Potter*

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    witch6, it appears as though you did not respond to an email sent from MuggleNet to verify your email address. If you did not receive that email, please contact me by PM with your email address.

    bertiebott12, you will need to PM me the user's name so I can check into this. I've never heard about that before, but I don't check on people's activity by checking their profile.

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    I've posted in the Quotes in Fanfiction thread but my post exceeded the word limit and that cost my House 5 points...*sobs*
    I am really sorry. But before posting, I wondered whether we were allowed to alter the quote a teensy bit to fit in the word limit, like writing I have as I've, etc. But I was uncertain so I left the quote as it was. And the result is before me. So, I wanted to ask, are we allowed to change the wording of the quote to fit the word limit?

    Again, I am very sorry for losing my house points and disregarding the forum rules...

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    red and gold

    When quoting another author's work, even in fanfiction, it's best not to alter anything.

    I went and looked at the quote you chose, and there really isn't anything you could have cut out from the beginning or the end. It was all necessary to explain the tension. But, therein lies the fun and the challenge of that thread - trying to find a 100-word quote that fully explains why you like that story so much, or what words particularly spoke to you. So, upon finding that the quote you wanted exceeded the limits, a different quote should have been chosen.

    Thank you for your apology. There are several places throughout the forums where you can make helpful, solid posts and earn back those points plus many, many more.


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    If we are posting a story on the archive that *implies* rape/abuse, but the rape does not actually happen, does that still need a Non-Consensual Sex warning? Or would that be a Dubious Content warning?

    Thank you!

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    Marauder by Midnight
    Hermione_rocks - That story would need a Dubious Content warning so long as it isn't depicted.

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    I don't know if this has been asked before and I seriously doubt this sort of question would find its way into the FAQ, but..

    Just out of curiosity, which of our four Houses holds the most users?

    Which holds the least?

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