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Thread: Ask a Moderator- Number Twelve

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    EDIT: I just saw the validation/rejection thread *slaps self* but I still don't know whether this question would suit that thread because my story has not been deleted from my account.........confused.......

    I had a question: I put a new story in the queue like ages ago, maybe a week or more, and it hasn't been validated yet. It is a challenge entry, and the challenge deadline is past now, and the story still hasn't been validated. Maybe it has been overlooked or something, so here is the info....

    Author: Eowyn89
    Story: What Lies Beneath
    Category: Full Moon One-Shot challenge

    Thank you!


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    I hope this question regarding AUness has not already been asked but here goes. If my story was completely cannon compliant with HP, but I changed muggle "cannon" so to speak, would that need an AU warning. If I set my story in the present day, and made all things magic just as they are, but have something be happening in the muggle world that isn't really happening be happening, would that need an AU warning, even though it complies with HP cannon, just it doesn't comply with RL cannon? If this question is too confusing, I'll try to reword it, I just can't think of any other way of putting it.
    Thanks in advance

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    What exactly qualifies as a crossover? I mean, I know what a crossover is: bringing in two different worlds and characters together and merging them into one story and combining their plotlines or...something. However, what if you don't merge characters or plotlines, but fictional facts about something that exists in RL? Gah, I'm not making any sense at all...okay, I'll be specific:

    Wicca is a RL religion of "witches," so to speak. There's a series known as the SWEEP series by Cate Tiernan, in which she includes Wicca as a main point in her plotline. However, she dresses up this modern religion, saying it goes back thousands of years and dividing witches into clans and giving her characters certain powers that are not included in RL Wicca, i.e. witch fire, shapeshifting. If I included that in an HP story, would that be considered a crossover? If they are, could I include general elements that don't necessarily belong to SWEEP...such as the fact that Wicca goes back thousands of years, even though it does not?

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    I was just wondering, purely out of curiosity, what do moderators actually do?

    If this question isn't aproperate sorry.

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    Eowyn89 - I believe that challenge entries still in queue are fine if it was submitted on or before October 31.

    CopLopARopA - You may want to put that AU warning on and then make a side note about what has changed in the Muggle world as well as stating it in the story

    BloodRayne - That sounds a bit like CopLopARopA in that something in real life has changed in your story. It's fine as long as you give credit to the series that gave you this idea.

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    Alright, I'm lazy and I know it. I don't know whether anyone has asked this before because I was too lazy to check. I have dial-up -- give me a break. I don't have the patience to look.

    Is it alright for me to take a story that has been posted elsewhere on the internet and repost it on this site so I can get more exposure?

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    Yes, you may, but be aware that MNFF has different standards than several other archives, and it is a moderated site, which means only very well written stories will be posted. Thus, there is a possibility that your story might be rejected with changes suggested by the mods.

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    I clicked the "Mark Forums Read" button at the bottom of the homepage, and I decided that I really preferred seeing the new posts.

    The trouble is, I can't get "Mark Forums Read" to turn off. . . . Help?

    - Katie

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    As soon as people start posting, you should start seeing the new posts. That button doesn't permanently mark the forums as read. It only works for that one time.

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    How can you put an avatar or icon in your signature? Thanks in advance!


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