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Thread: Ask a Moderator- Number Twelve

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    Ryan The Wizard: Fall Term only started last week, so might still be able to sign up for classes. If there is a particular one you are interested in, I recommend contacting the Professor by PM.

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    I have a story that is completely cannon with the books, but disagree's with what JKR has described happening after book 7 in interviews. Would this greately affect my chances of getting my story approved??

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    I don't know if this is right place to ask this, sorry if it isn't.

    Okay, I know this isn't a life and death situation, but oh well. Lately, my posts aren't showing up in the QQQ Nomination board. This started yesterday. I would try to post, and then when I click sumbit, my post would be there. yet, when I click out of the thread and click back in to see my post, my post isn't there.


    Am I just being parinoid or is this a glitch. I really want to nominate a Humor story.

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    Nymphadora: As long as you have an AU warning, you should be fine.

    GinnyPotter: Your posts were deleted by a mod because you didn't follow the form given in the first post on how to nominate. Please read the first post of the nomination thread.

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    I was wondering if there was a sort of "Hall of Fame" type thing for past QSQ winners because I would really like to go back and read some of the stories that had won, or were runners-up and I've looked for something of the sort but so far I have been unsuccessful. So is there a such thing and am I just missing it or if not can something of the sort be made?

    *has just been hunting for some good fics*

    *is fic-hungry*



    EDIT: Thanks Rachel!

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    Roop - there was at one point a thread in the announcement forum for this, but I don't believe it's there anymore. It's probably somewhere around here, but I'm not quite sure where to find it. >.> There is a list in the mod forum, however. I'll PM that to you in a moment.

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    Roop - The announcement for the QSQ winners last year had been accidentally deleted on the forums (but it is back up here). It was also announced on the main site in the news archive. Simply use your CTRL+F and search for "first annual," and you'll find the same announcement

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    so i changed my email. cause i changed services. and now i cant see Hogwarts. all fo its missing. but i dont know where it went! and i want my slytherin house!

    sorry about the whining im tired.

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    You should be able to see everything properly now, but keep this in mind and try not change the e-mail again! Welcome back to Slytherin!

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    Pepper Imp
    I was just wondering how long that the one-shot challenges take to be judged.

    I'm not being impatient or trying to pressurise the judges, but I wondered if it was possible for me to circle a day on my calender or highlight a day in my planner.


    - Cammie

    pepperEDIT: Never mind.

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