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Thread: Wizard Marriage

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    Wizard Marriage

    I don't have book 7 with me right now .

    I need all the info possible on wizard marriage. I'm pretty sure Bill and Fleur's wedding would be a good example, but I forgot all the details.

    I need it for my fic's Hermione/Draco wedding. Thanks!!

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    HI FreddyMyLove! I'll give you a summary of the wedding in DH:

    Mr. and Mrs. Weasley walk down the ailse first
    Bill(groom) and Charley(best man) walk down the aisle second, wearing new dress robes with large, white roses in their button holes.
    Monseur Delacour and Fleur comes down next. Fluer in a very simple white dress.

    "We are gathered here today to celebrate the union of two fateful souls..."
    "Do you William Arthur take Fleur Isabelle..."
    "...then I declare you bonded for life."
    The wizard eaises his wand and sends a shower of silver stars spiraling around their entwined fingers.
    Golden balloons obove them burst with birds of paradise and tiny bells.

    Well I hope that helped!

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    Do you happen to know anything about divorce, then? It says 'bonded for life', so is divorce even possible?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Quote Originally Posted by FreddyMyLove
    Do you happen to know anything about divorce, then? It says 'bonded for life', so is divorce even possible?
    I actually asked this question a few days ago. You can view the responses I got right here (and there are some very good responses too!).

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    Hmph. Interesting.

    Then do you think it's okay, for my fic's sake, that I make divorce completely impossible?
    That would be easier for me to work with...

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    Pepper Imp
    Personally, I don't think that in any society (wizarding or otherwise) divorce should be made completely impossible. It just seems very unrealistic.

    If it is absolutely essential to the story, I would make it just extremely rowned upon to even consider divorce. Even in Victorican times (which the wizarding world seems very close to), divorce happens and was possible, but it was just very, very uncommon and very, very frowned upon.

    Hope this helps!

    - Cammie!

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    I agree that not many societies would be entirely against divorces.

    I do think it's entirely possible, however, that a couple be so entirely in love that they would like to cement their relationship in an unbreakable bond. The Unbreakable Vow from Half-Blood Prince might suffice for this, or you might concoct a potion to make it impossible for them to extricate themselves from a marriage. There are myriad possibilities here. The real trick is to somehow justify in your story how a couple could lack any doubt.

    Keep in mind that you could write an Alternative Universe story instead and use whatever type of wedding and divorce rules you like, as long as they make sense.

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