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Thread: The Slug Club

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    The Slug Club

    Hi! Well we all know that Lily was a member and one of Slughorn's favourite students, but I wwas wondering who else from the Marauder era might have been a member. Do you think Snape could have been in there, for his potion skills? Also we know that James wasn't in the club because I think Slughorn might have just mentioned it to Harry.

    But James, along with Sirius, was a very talented student, so do you think it probable that Slughorn wanted him (and Sirius) as members but they simply declined the offer as they, like Harry, hated the idea of it?

    Any help highly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance .

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    I always figured that Severus was in the Slug Club. At least it seems likely, since he was very good. In my Marauder Era fic he is, anyway.

    You might have a point there, with James and Sirius. It could be that Sirius declined simply on account of Slughorn being the Slytherin Head of House. Another reason for them to decline could be that they didn't want to be in the club because Remus and Peter weren't invited as well.

    On the other hand, they were known trouble makers and often broke the rules. It might be that Slughorn didn't see fit to invite them for that reason.

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    I think Regulus was a member of the Slug Club - more for lineage than ability - but Sirius would not have been. The manner in which Slughorn talks of missing out on his (in terms of his house) suggests that he probably didn't have a great deal of contact with him. Moreover, if we assume James wasn't in the club, I can't imagineSirius would want to be there. I think it's definitely arguable that neither Sirius nor James would join if Lupin and Wormtail didn't get in, but there would be no chance of splitting James and Sirius up.

    Also, the brilliance of James and Sirius may have been much less recognised that we generally imagine. James and Sirius were brilliant in the same way the Weasleys twins were. Yes, they hated the Dark Arts and probably both got an O. Yes, they undoubtedly did very well in their subjects, but I see most of their best work - ie becoming animagi - would have been hidden from the teachers. Certainly compared to the open brilliance of Lily. The same argument could be applied to Snape, who, while a great potionmaker and wizard generally, was specialized in the Dark Arts.

    When it came to choosing Head Boy and Girl, I think Lily was the certainty, and James was there less because of ability but rather because of popularity, how much he had matured in his final years, and the fact that he was - or was going to be (I forget the exact dates) Lily's boyfriend.

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    Wow! Thanks to the both of you for your brilliant responses! But I have another query, do you think it possible that Slughorn could have wanted James for his Quidditch ability? I forgot about this aspect before.

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    I certainly think Slughorn would want to recruit brilliant Quidditch players before they went onto greatness, but I also get the impression that being in Slytherin might be e bit awkward for this. The competitive nature of the Quidditch Cup suggests that Slughorn might have rather more difficulty supporting a Gryffindor for Quidditch than for Potions.

    Moreover, while Slughorn selects those destined for greatness, the amount of Quidditch players in England combined with Hogwarts suggests that there must be several people getting signed up for first-teams each year. Given that there are only four houses of Quidditch Teams, and at least four (and I would suggest far more) Quidditch Teams in league, then people are getting recruited left, right and centre. This would allow Slughorn to be picky, in my opinion, and would allow him to just pick the best of the Slytherins, ie - in my opinion - Gwenog Jones (or whatever her name is).

    Of course, that's just an opinion.

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    I have a feeling James might have been in the Slug Club (and maybe dragging Sirius along in the process) because Lily was there. But yeah, I think that Slughorn would have liked James' intelligence, bloodlines (for lack of a better term), and chaser abilities. I think it makes sense that James would be included because of all these things. Just a chaser? Maybe not. But all three? Yeah, I think it makes sense.

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    Guest's my take.

    Slughorn chose people for his Slug Club based on how much they could help him. I have to add that James would have been a very desirable member. (See R_Ravenclaw's post for details). Sirius....not so much. Slughorn wouldn't have thought that Sirius would have gone far without familial support. Since he was disowned by his parents and struck out on his own, Slughorn would have seen him as daring, but not as Slug Club material.

    I'd bet that out of loyalty to Sirius, James wasn't a member - although old Sluggy probably invited him.Once James was determined to win Lily, though. I'd think that he probably started attending just to be near her. You know, as an opportunity to see her in a social situation.

    Anyhow, that's my take.


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    I only scanned the thread, so please forgive me if this has already been stated -

    I don't think Snape would have been in the Slug Club, because most of the members were more popular, if anything. I think Slughorn would have wanted top-notch popular and witty people in his "collection"...if you get my meaning.

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    I agree with Slytherin Tears that Snape was not in the Slug Club.

    As for James, I don't think so. *tries hard and fails to prevent her bias against him to color her opinion* He may have been smart, but as we saw in SWM he didn't try very hard, and neither did Sirius. I don't think Slughorn wanted students like that in his group causing mischief and mayhem. But I am mostly of this opinion because Slughorn said nothing of James to Harry, he only talked about Lily. He then went on to talk about Severus being the only one better than her at potions.

    However, Slughorn did not only want talent, he wanted people whom he thought would go far in their life, and Snape being picked on by the Marauders is not a likely candidate for being one to hold influence over others once he was older. (Oh how wrong you were Sluggy... )

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    *huggles Snape*

    I wonder what dear old Sluggy's reaction was to Snape working at Hogwarts.

    Tsk tsk tsk.

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