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Thread: A Name for a Potion

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    A Name for a Potion

    I have invented a potion for the sixth year Potions class in a fic I'm writing, but I don't know what to call it.

    It's a potion used on trauma patients, which dampens the effect of painful memories so that the subconscious can deal with them without causing the patient stress. The ingredients include moonstone, St. John's Wort (anti-depressant), Jobberknoll feathers and Belladonna. Any ideas on what such a potion could be called?

    Thanks in advance,


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    I'm not sure what ingrediants you use but since most of the potions in HP have names that describe them I looked up narcotics, which have a similar effect.
    The term narcotic (ναρκωτικός) is believed to have been coined by Galen to refer to agents that benumb or deaden, causing loss of feeling or paralysis. The term is based on the Greek word ναρκωσις (narcosis), the term used by Hippocrates for the process of benumbing or the benumbed state. Galen listed mandrake root, altercus (eclata)[1] seeds, and poppy juice (i.e. opium) as the chief examples.[2][3]

    Poppy Juice sounds like a good one if perhaps you put opium in it as an ingrediant.

    Mercy Potion since it would alter the pain of the memories.

    Holiday Potion maybe the potion could create some sort of dream state or taking a "holiday" from the pain

    Transparent Trauma -would indicate that it makes the truama memory transparent or "see through"

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    Why not just take a Calming Draught or Dreamless Sleep? Or Obliviate them?

    He he. But since you asked for a name... I'll be right back. I'll go ask my Potions class.

    -Stubby (will return to edit)

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    I've added ingredients to it. It uses moonstone, St. John's Wort (anti-depressant), Jobberknoll feathers and Belladonna. It's a type of memory potion, in that it reduces bad memories and makes good ones more manifest. It's not meant to make you forget, only to put some perspective on things and enable you to cope and function as a normal human being.

    I invented it because I wanted them to be making a potion we haven't seen made in the books. It's a Marauder Era, and it's Snape brewing the potion, so he has his own take on things, of course...

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    Ryan The Wizard
    A Trauma Treatment
    A Shock Stabilizer
    A Soothing Solution
    A Calming Concoction

    Any of those take your fancy?

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    Soothing Solution sounds good. I think I'll go with that, unless I or someone else comes up with something better. Thank you!

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