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Thread: What House should I put my OC in?

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    I'm sure all these different answers are just making you more confused , but I agree with AmberO_o (how come I can't remember your name? *headdesk* I'm so sorry; I've been away from the SBBC too long!). Luna Lovegood is the person that comes to mind for me - we've never really seen her actually studying for school or heard about any grades or exam results she's received. That's not to say that she isn't good in school, but we have primarily witnessed her showing interest in a lot of outside things other than textbooks, whereas people like Hermione are devoted to facts and page numbers. Ravenclaws strike me as insightful problem-solvers more than anything. However, if your character simply loves to learn, that may be a Ravenclaw trait. But right now I would suggest Hufflepuff.

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    Sounds like Ravenclaw, but you might mention something about the sorting hat giving her the choice between Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw. Remember, there are people in Ravenclaw that love to assist people too! It's not like they're only bookish.

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    James Jameson
    I think that she would be a Ravenpuff... lol.... I'm totally torn between the two. I'd do eeny meeny miney mo on this one! This is deff where the house for someone to feel a bit queasy would come in handy... (not that toni is queasy or anything, but just sort of an "other" house for people don't fit into a categorie!)

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    Strange as this may sound, (and because I yearn to be different) I think she would make a good Slyth. She's inventive, ambitious, and just because you're a Slyth doesn't make you bad. Plus, it seems that the cool dungeon would be perfect if she hates the summer heat. That would add another dimension to your story as well, her being so helpful because she feels she needs to prove there are good Slyths too.

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    I see her in Hufflepuff. She is a bookworm, and why can't a bookworm be in Hufflepuff? Besides, I haven't seen much OC's in Hufflepuff (at least what I've read).

    Slytherin would be a good choice as well.

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