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Thread: What House should I put my OC in?

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    What House should I put my OC in?

    I want to put my OC, Antonia (though she is commonly refered to as "Toni") into a good House from when she was in school. She is now 28 years old, but I don't know what her former House could have been. Here are some characteristics about her -

    • She is very shy, but loves to assist people.
    • She is book smart.
    • She grows bored easily.
    • Her best school subjects were Potions and Astronomy.
    • She hates the summertime weather. (as useless to this list as it may seem)
    • She is a Halfblood with a Squib brother. (Muggleborn mother and Muggle father)

    I think she would have made a decent Hufflepuff, but really I think she would have done well in any House.
    If you need to know anything else, please feel free to ask!

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    That sounds like a 'Claw to me! The booksmart and the shy should probably go there.

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    I'm also thinking Ravenclaw, although Hufflepuff would also work, since you said she loves to assist people. Does she think outside the box? I've always felt that the type of intellect which puts you in Ravenclaw is the out-of-the-box kind. You know, like Luna.

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    I think I might put her in Hufflepuff, because my other character from my other story is a Ravenclaw and I'd rather not show preference to a certain house. Thank you everyone for your help!

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    Ryan The Wizard
    I would put her in Ravenclaw, simply because she's booksmart and really shy. From what we know about some other Ravenclaw characters, they can tend to be slightly shy as well, take Cho Chang for instance.

    Also the fact that she isn't a fan of summertime weather indicates she isn't really out there too much, meaning she probably spent a lot of her time studying.

    She also seems ambitious, since she's bored with most things.

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    Now that you mention it, Ravenclaw would be a decent place to put her. Heh.

    Thank you !

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    Ravenclaw is probably the best place, but if you want to include Hufflepuff, you could mention how the Sorting Hat wanted her in Hufflepuff or something, but then decided Ravenclaw.

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    Phoebe Gruzelieur
    Ravenclaw, definitely. She sounds quite like Cho Change to me.

    She's smart, yes, but she also seems to want to help people. 'Claws want to put their knowledge to good use. I don't think she'd make a good Hufflepuff - they're meant to be patient which she isn't. But she seems like a good character. I know 'cause good characters are hard to sort.

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    If you still can't decide, have you tried any sorting tests? Here are some of my favorites:

    Really good one

    This one's OK but not my favorite.

    This one's good, but It's not the best one

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    I wouldn't say Ravenclaw. They, to me, don't strike me as being book smart like Hermione. They are inventive, like Severus. (Neither of which are Ravenclaw, so the example doesn't work the best. )

    They don't just know the material in the book, but they do outside research. They might not be that worried about grades at all. After all, what is a grade but a measure of how well you can take a test?

    I would probably put her in Hufflepuff. There is no reason there can't be a shy 'Puff.

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