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Thread: Of Muggleborns and Blood

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    I think you're best going with half-blood.
    Yay, okay thank you so much.


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    Quote Originally Posted by apollo13
    TedTonks is a muggle, I believe
    Nope, he's a Muggleborn:

    Quote Originally Posted by HP Lexicon
    Tonks, Ted
    Muggle-born wizard, father of Nymphadora and husband of Andromeda.
    Ted's a Muggleborn.

    DH Spoiler:

    How else could he be on the run with Dean and the goblins in DH?

    Sorry if this seemed spammy, just needed to point that out.

    But, yes, for any normal purposes, outside of the oppinions of pure-blood maniacs, I would also say that the character in question is half-blood.

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    Personally, I'd say they'd be considered Muggleborn, or, more likely, Mudblood, if the person doing the judging really was fanatical about it.

    From what I get out of the books:

    Muggle & Muggle = Muggleborn
    Muggleborn & Muggle = Muggleborn
    Muggle & Halfblood = Half-blood
    Muggle & Pureblood = Half-blood
    Half-blood & Muggleborn = Half-blood
    Pureblood & Half-blood = Half-blood
    Pureblood & Muggleborn = Half-blood

    I think that, to be considered at least a Half-blood, the person needs to have at least one magical grandparent. If all of the grandparents are Muggles, there is no blood purity at all, so the character is still Muggleborn or Mudblood. If there is at least one magical grandparent the child is Half-blood. If all of the grandparents are magical the child is Pureblood. This is all what I've taken from JKR's statement that four magical grandparents make a child Pureblood.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SiriuslyMental
    This is all what I've taken from JKR's statement that four magical grandparents make a child Pureblood.

    In normal cases, that's probably true, but I don't think, for instance, the Noble and Most Ancient House of Black would consider such a child pureblood.

    We'd have the following family tree, for instance:

    half-blood + half-blood half-blood + half-blood

    half-blood + half-blood


    Fanatics would still consider the child with four half-blood grandparents half-blood. It may very well be that, for the bloodline to become pure, the half-blood in question must mary into a pureblood family and then their children would doubtfully be considered purebloods.

    We're talking socially here, though, not biologically. I wish I could find that thing I wrot on magical genetics and the possibility of a magic gene...

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    I think if all of them were Half-Blood, the child would be considered a higher form of Half-Blood. Someone that gets invited to large dinner parties, but it scorned by the rest of the group.

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    If all of them were half-blood, I have a feeling they would be considered a half-blood too, but a higher up form of half-blood than the child of a pureblood and a muggleborn, you know? Because at least the muggles in their background wouldn't be easily traceable.

    But the child of a muggle and a muggleborn would definitely be considered a muggleborn to someone like Voldemort or the Blacks (well, the Death Eater-type Blacks, obviously).

    I think the rule is, if you can look at your ancestors and say, "hey, there's a muggle!", you're pretty much screwed over in Voldy's eyes.

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