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Thread: Of Muggleborns and Blood

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    Of Muggleborns, Muggles, and Offspring

    If a Muggleborn and a Muggle were to have children, would the children be considered Half-blood?
    Sorry, I'm a bit rusty on this sort of thing...

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    Well technically they would be 1/4 blood and I think that some purebloods would treat them like a muggle-born. But to non-prejudiced people they would be half-blood.

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    Ryan The Wizard
    I think the child would be a half-blood, because if a Muggle knows how to do magic, it means that somebody in their distant family knew magic and it must've skipped a few generations. Therefore the Muggle has some magical blood in them.

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    Yes, and even if their children married purebloods, and their grandchildren married purebloods, they'd be considered "halfbloods". I don't think any of them are considered "purebloods" until the fifth generation and even then, amongst a great deal of the Wizarding World (Blacks, Malfoys), they aren't given that distinction.

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    You're only considered a Pureblood if your grandparents were all magical.

    So Harry is a Half-Blood because his mother was a Muggleborn, so half of his grandparents are Muggles, but his children with Ginny are all Pureblood because Lily, James, Molly, and Arthur are all magical.

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    It seems like a wizard really concerned about blood status would consider the child of a muggleborn and a muggle to be a "mudblood", not a halfblood. I guess it depends on whose perspective this is from. Blood status really seems to be all relative.

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    The children of a Muggleborn and a Muggle would have no magical grandparents. However, what could you call them? You couldn't really call them a Muggleborn, because that gives the impression that their parents were both Muggles. Mudblood, of course, is only used by those to who blood matters.

    So if this person was being referred to by a person to whom blood didn't matter, they would be most likely be called a half-blood. Of course, if blood status doesn't matter to the person that is doing the labelling it is unlikely they would refer to someone by their blood status anyway.

    So, to clarify I think they would be called a half-blood.

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    Ooh okay then, Half-blood it is! Thank you all!

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    A small addition to the discussion:

    If it was Voldy and his Death Eaters doing the judging, I think the following would apply:

    muggle + muggle = muggleborn
    muggleborn + muggle = muggleborn
    halfblood + muggle = muggleborn
    halfblood + muggleborn = doubtfully halfblood
    halfblood + halfblood = halfblood


    pureblood + muggle = halfblood (or bloodtraitor)
    pureblood + halfblood = halfblood

    I'm taking this from the fact that Pureblood maniacs actually consider Muggleborns as Muggles (according to the Black family tree where it says that Andromeda married Muggle Ted Tonks)

    Then again, this would be the perfect time to dig out my old post on magical genetics, but unfortunately, I'm not on my home computer, hence can't find it...

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