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Thread: What is the hair and eye color of these characters -DH SPOILERS-

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    What is the hair and eye color of these characters -DH SPOILERS-

    What are the appearences of Albus Severus, James II, Lily II, Hugo and Rose?

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    I believe that Albus looks exactly like his father; in the book it said that 'Scorpius looked as much like Draco as Albus did Harry', and it also says that 'Albus alone had inherited Harry's eyes.' So, we can gather that none of the other children have green eyes. However, I don't believe it tells us in the books [sorry if I'm mistaken] and I couldn't find anything on the Lexicon, so...

    Hope this helps!

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    Ryan The Wizard
    Well, A.S has Harry's green, which means that James and Lily must have Ginny's brown.

    Hugo and Rose could be anything, either sparkling blue for Ron, or again, brown for Hermione.

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    Aside from Albus' green eyes that the others have mentioned, I wanted to add that Lily Potter Jr. was a red-head. Otherwise, you can probably play around with the genetics all you want.

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    I kind of see James as a red head as well. Or perhaps a light brown.. a combination of Harry's dark hair and Ginny's red. I see Albus as a black sheep of the family, really. The only one with green eyes, the only one with dark hair... and who knows, maybe he'll really end up in Slytherin Plus, the Potter children have got red hair from both sides of the family, so... I would assume Lily and James both got the red hair.

    As for Rose and Hugo, it doesn't mention anything at all. But, I see them both with curly hair (from Hermione.) Red is a trait of the Weasleys, so... it would be plausible if one had red and the other brown, or both red. Blue is usually recessive, so they probably have brown eyes.

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    Phoebe Gruzelieur
    I think Rose would be slightly plump (in a nice way) with a round face, lots of freckles, warm brown eyes and hair exactly the same shade as her mother's.

    Hugo, for me, would have red hair (well, one of them has to continue the tradition) and brown eyes like his mum. He'd be tall like his dad. But I don't think he'd have freckles. Somehow, I picture him with glasses. Dunno why.

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    Albus Severus definitely has Harry's green eyes as everyone else has already stated.

    James and Lily problably have black hair and brown eyes or perhaps red hair and brown eyes though having red hair isn't very likely since the red hair gene is recessive whereas the black hair gene is dominant over it. However, since Harry has a recessive red hair gene as well, you never really know.

    The black hair gene is the most dominant, followed by brown, followed by blonde, followed by red. Similiarly with eye colours- black again is the most dominant, followed by brown, followed by blue, followed by green. However, there are exceptions.

    So, if you are not basing this on cannon, I really think you can choose any eye or hair colour you like. Go wild!
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    I imagined James II as black-haired and blue-eyed and Lily as red-haired and brown-eyed, whereas, as others have said, Albus looks like Harry.

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