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Thread: Are Andromeda and Ted in the Order? -spoilers-

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    Are Andromeda and Ted in the Order? -spoilers-

    Question in the title. I hadn't thought that they were, but in DH that's where Hagrid and Harry show up before they go to the Burrow. The 'seven Potters' plan was a plan of the Order's, so then I started to think Andromeda and Ted were in the Order, because they knew about the plan . . . so I can't really tell. Thoughts? Thanks to any who post.

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    For some reason, I've always thought that their main link with the Order was Tonks. I have no reason for that.

    Hope I helped!

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    It's never said one way or the other. One can imply either way, but personally, I've always thought that they weren't. Yes, the 'seven Potters' plan was an Order plan, but both Tonks and Remus were Order, so it was just a place they could use. They aren't *actually* parts of the Order themselves, just by association because of Remus and Tonks, mainly.

    Also, there were seven total houses in the plan ... Not everyone was in the Order, unless Aunt Miriel of Ron's was a member of the Order ... That's the house that Ron and Tonks were supposed to go to.

    Andromeda and Ted's house could have been the same way.


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    I don't think so. The were allies, perhaps, but not official members. Ted died though, so....

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    Ryan The Wizard
    Somehow I highly doubt that Aunt Muriel is in the Order. I think they moreso just had them go to houses that had a connection with the Order.

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