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Thread: The Malfoys and the Manor

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    The Malfoys and the Manor

    Does anyone know of any relatives of Draco Malfoy mentioned in the seven books? I can't recall any.

    And also, how much do we know about the Manor? Are there portraits/statues of Malfoy ancestors, etc? (That's how I have it in my fic.)


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    I can't recall any relatives being mentioned in book seven...but that doesn't mean that there weren't.

    About Malfoy Manor and going off the descriptions in chapter one, we know that there are "impressive wrought-iron gates" at the entrance, leading to a gravel path lined with yew hedges (and a peacock). The downstairs windows are diamond-paned, and there's a fountain in a nearby garden.

    And to answer your question, the hallway to the drawing room does have "pale-faced" portraits on the walls, which impies that they might be relatives of the Malfoys.

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    Ah, thank you!!!

    I guess I can get a bit creative with the relatives now.

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    The only "relative" we know about of Lucius Malfoy's is his father Abraxas Malfoy, who is deceased.

    We do, however, know that the Malfoys pride themselves on their bloodline. There are a number of pureblood families listed on the Black Family Tree—and some that aren't. We can postulate that the Lestranges were Purebloods, and also possibly the Princes. It sounds as if the Dumbledores were too, but I can go out on a limb and say the Malfoys would want to sever their ties to him.

    And while we know that it is not necessary to be a pureblood to be a Slytherin (or even a Death Eater or a Dark Lord), it's a decent bet that a lot of the Slytherins and a lot of the Death Eaters were purebloods or had pure blood in their not-so-distant past. So that adds Avery, Wilkes, Nott, Parkinson, Yaxley, Borgin, Burke, Carrow, Crabbe, Goyle, Gibbon, Jugson, MacNair, Mulciber, Rookwood, Rowle, Selwyn and Travers and POSSIBLY Karkaroff and Dolohov, although they sound like somewhat recent immigrants. Bear in mind that at least a few of them are likely to have had Muggle male ancestors that handed down that name, but you can at the very least select from those.

    Also remember that Cornelius Fudge was castigated by Albus Dumbledore for putting too much belief in the "so called purity of blood", so you can add him, and quite possibly Umbridge, since she seemed to be such a blood supremacist.

    And we also know that Zacharias Smith and Ernie MacNair were purebloods, in addition to the Prewetts and the Weasleys, and probably the Patils.

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    Oh my gosh, that gave me so many ideas!!

    I'm doing Draco's wedding scene where there will be a lot of his friends and relatives. Merci!!

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    Oh, I'm glad you replied, because I'd forgotten about it until I saw your message.

    Most of what I posted earlier, I did from memory, the BFT and part of the Wikipedia list of Death Eaters.

    You wanna see a *really* impressive list of families, look here:

    I found that after I posted here, and meant to come back and edit, but forgot.

    It doesn't list all of them (Dean Thomas' biological father, for example, we know was a wizard, but we don't know anything more about him; we don't know anything about Seamus Finnegan's mother, the Bodes and the Patils aren't on there, and it's reasonable to assume that each of Blaise Zabini's *seven* stepfathers were all purebloods, and they too are not on there.)

    But it gibes you a start.

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    Other known pure-blood families

    There are very few surviving pure-blood families left in Britain. The following families are those pure-blood lines in addition to the ones mentioned above which are known with certainty to be living in England and Scotland. Not all are definite, however; many, for example, are simply the last names of various Death Eaters, but as Hermione notes, since the number of Purebloods has decreased over time, many Death Eaters are likely half-bloods pretending who simply lie about their heritage.

    • The Avery family
    • The Bones family
    • The Borgin family
    • The Bulstrode family
    • The Burke family
    • The Cornfoot family
    • The Crabbe family
    • The Diggory family
    • The Dumbledore family
    • The Filch family
    • The Flint family
    • The Greengrass family
    • The Goyle family
    • The Lovegood family
    • The Lupin family
    • The MacDougal family
    • The Macmillan family
    • The Macnair family
    • The Montague family
    • The Nott family
    • The Ollivander family
    • The Peverell family
    • The Prince family
    • The Rosier family
    • The Selwyn family
    • The Smith family
    • The Wilkes family
    • The Zabini family
    *faints from list of overwelming-ness*
    gah, that's a lot of families..

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    oh my god!!

    thanks a million, i think im in love with you both <3

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    I don't remember anything other than Abraxas Malfoy on Lucius's side. On Narcissa's side, however, there is a lot of information to be had from the Black family tree:

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    Noel Weasley
    Yeah, the Blacks, which Narcissa was one, are also related to the Malfoys.

    So you have Narcissa (obviously) Bellatrix, Andromeda, Ted Tonks, Rodolphus Lestrange and his brother who I cannot remember, Regulus, Nymphadora Lupin, Remus Lupin, Ted Lupin, Sirius, Phineas Nigellus Black, Alice, Frank, and Neville Longbottom, Augusta Longbottom, The Potters, Weasley's, Prewett, and also, because Ron married Hermione, the Grangers.

    And Malfoy Manor, well, the only thing that I can remember about it right now is that they had Peacocks.


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