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Thread: The Age Of Romance

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    Great beirniny

    The Age Of Romance

    My story is developing little problems. This is my second question here because of it. Do you think a third year could get into a serious relationship or at least think he's in one?
    Thanks for answering!

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    i definitely think so. I have friends that are only 13, yet they claim they are in love and have found their soulmates.

    Now, keep in mind that said friends are girls.

    I do think that 13 is WAY too young to seriously fall in love, but I also believe that your character could *think* that he was in la serious relationship (especially if they've been with each other for a while).

    Hope that helped!

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    I would say that someone could definitely think they were in a serious relationship. I recall friends being involved in things like that when they were as young as nine. Yet what actually constitutes a serious relationship here? I think the average thirteen year old boy would count having held hands with a girl on more than one occasion "serious". That tends to drop out with age. As for "falling in love", well I knew plenty of people who did that. I'm afraid to say that none who fell in love before they turned sixteen are still together.

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    Great beirniny
    Thanks, you two you helped me out a lot. I'm glad you think that a thirteen year old can at least think he's in love and that he won't be the youngest one out there. Thanks again

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    Just an extra note.... if he's in a relationship for the first time, he'd really have no basis for comparison. While a guy would probably be a lot less likely to profess love to his girlfriend, most couples that I know do tell each other that they love the other. (Who knows maybe it just sounds better than I like you.) Though how long has he been dating the girl.... maybe after a few months it could get pretty serious to him, but not a couple of weeks.

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    I thoght I would put in my say as I'm 13. It depends what you mean by "serious". I think that he could think that he was in love and even be in love. Remember that 13 year olds tell people that they love them all the time and mean it. It's not a big thing to say "I love you" to your boy/girlfriend as it is with adults. Well it's like that where I'm from anyway. As for how long they would go out I know someone who's went out with a girl for a year when they were 11..

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    When I was thirteen I had a boyfriend for six months. He told me he loved me first. This was also said in Norwegian; I'm not belitteling the words I love you, but they can mean so many things. In Norwegian there's two expressions: "Jeg er glad i deg" and "Jeg elsker deg". The latter is I love you. The first means "I care for you", but is much more common in Norwegian, and used with friends and family far more frequently than "I love you", which is mostly (though not always) reserved for romantic relationships (and ice cream).

    Anyway, yes, from personal experience I will say that a 13-year-old is perfectly capable of fancying themselves in love. I too believed I loved him deeply and I remember how outraged we both were when his mother said it was only puppy-love! Ah, those were the days...

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