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Maybe marriage vows in the wiziarding world works more along the lines of an unbreakable vow. Maybe that's why we see more couples sticking through things like the Malfoys or why some marriages end under mysterious circumstances like Blaise Zabini's mother.

It could be that some of the dark wiziarding families use this ploy in order to secure their pureblood ties (or in Zabini mother's case, her wealth). Which is why we see some being forced to marry their cousins.

But other wiziarding families, like the Weasley's, would not stoop to such levels cause they feel that true love would concur all.
So you're saying that it's not an officially sanctioned method of matrimony? Then where would they be going to get their vows performed, and what prevents the ones like the Weasleys from getting divorced?

Marauderette, yes, they'd still be cousins.