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Thread: The Fandom Abbreviation Dictionary

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    Well, I just wanted to write one which I was confused about when I can here. Though all the rest are already here...

    Drabble: Short story around 100-600 words, though the word count varies.

    I remembered another one, but i think it's only for the Gryffie tower. Not sure if the rest of the Houses have it. Anyway-

    TWS: Three Word Story. Anyone can go and add three words to the story. You can post as many times as you want as long as there's no double posting. Just a little warning- It is VERY insane in there so be prepared. I know because I'm one of them . This applies to Gryffindor only. As I said, I don't know if the other houses have it.

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    Just Beyond the Veil
    Questions should really be directed to the Ask the Navy thread.

    kate austin, The Good Ship is a nickname for the Ron/Hermione ship.

    siriusly_insane, original fiction is just what it sounds like. It is a fictional story, but not fanfiction. The plot and characters are created by the author and not taken from another author's works.

    Hope that helped you!

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    Oh, I can't believe nobody's come to explain what a squish is!

    A squish is a really really tight bear hug, where you squish the air out of someone. Not for the faint of heart. But it's a fantastic cure for any type of sadness.

    MWPP Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs!

    BSRRITIHJFAAPB By Sweetest Rowena Ravenclaw I Think I Have Just Found An Amazing Plot Bunny!

    Yeah, so I made that last one up.

    Love Phia

    (Avvie and banner by me, quote from Fancy, by John Keats)

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    Neville's Girl
    TWT - TriWizard Tournament

    Orange Crush - Harry/Ginny

    Neither of these are used a lot on here, but they are used on other fan fiction sites and might be mentioned by other members.

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    I was most perplexed when I first saw the use of "AK" in Harry Potter fandom. For instance, I read a sentence that went something like this...

    "And so that Death Eater person used the AK on that Auror person..."

    Naturally (for me, at least), I automatically thought it meant "Avtomat Kalashnikov." You could imagine how confused I was for the longest time, because I thought that people were talking about wizards shooting each other with AK-47s!

    Well, I eventually figured out that it stood for Avada Kedavra.

    Tim the Enchanter

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    I have one that confused me for the longest time until someone in my Common Room cleared it up.

    TQ= Topic Question

    For example, in our common room, we had a TQ about which Harry Potter character we find the most attractive.

    They can be lots of fun.


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