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    Toy shop

    Hi! I was wondering if anyone had any name suggestions for a wizarding toy shop? The shop is situated in Diagon Alley. I've tried coming up with names myself, but none of them are good enough to stick. If anyone could come up with some ideas which would set me along the right track I'd be most grateful.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Ryan The Wizard
    Well you could always use the name of the wizard who founded your shop. Or whoever is the main worked there. Any combination of names and a word that means toy could work. Here are some words that are synonmous with toy.


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    Hm, what kind of toys are you selling? Like, what age group?

    Are you selling educational baby toys?

    Stuffed animals?


    Games for older kids (like video games, only not)

    Or is this like, the wizarding equivalent of a Toys "Я" Us, where it's got basically every toy and game that didn't run away screaming?

    (This may help narrow down your search)

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    I would say that it's more like the wizarding equivalent to Toys R Us yes.

    EDIT: I have come up with the name for my toy shop. Mods feel free to lock and grave .

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