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Thread: Voldemort's Meetingplaces (DH Spoilers)

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    Voldemort's Meetingplaces (DH Spoilers)

    Where does Voldemort usually hold his meetings with his Death Eaters? What was the place where he murdered Charity, that teacher in the first chapter? And before that and Malfoy Manor, where do you think he held his meetings?

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    Charity was muredered in Malfoy Manor. I think that's the place for most DE meetings in the past.

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    Voldemort murdered Charity Burbage in Malfoy Manor. There was a line in the book where he mentioned how Lucius didn't like having the Dark Lord stay in his home.

    Before that, I think he used the Riddle House, as we saw in Book 4. After all, it was kind of "his" house.

    Hope that helped!

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    As people said before, they were at the Malfoy Manor with Charity Burbage. Since they had meetings at teh Malfoy Manor, I think that before then they could've had meetings at other Death Eaters houses. Probably only the really faithful ones. For example, I think that he might've had a few at Bella's house. Maybe they had a few at The Spinners End. I also agree with the Riddle house. It's pretty possible that they could've had meetings there.

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