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Thread: Narcissa's Status

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    Narcissa's Status

    Straight to the point: Was Narcissa Malfoy a Death Eater, or was she just a Death Eater wife, in on pretty much everything but not actually a Death Eater? Does she have a Dark Mark?



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    According to an interview by Jo, she said that Narcissa does NOT have a Dark Mark, nor is she *really* a Death Eater -- at least, not in the same way that Lucius and Bellatrix are.

    She believes in their cause, sympathises with them, supports them, etc., but isn't technically in the same level of participation as the rest of them. She leaves that to the others.

    And if I can find the exact interview, I'll be back with her quote.


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    Thanks. That's enough for me. I trust your word; you don't have to find the interview.

    Mods, my question was answered. Feel free to lock and grave.

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