I actually meant more at Hogwarts. In my story, Sirius has a girlfriend but doesn't have pocket money - as such - so can't afford things like presents, dates etc etc. He left GP with some money, but that's running out. What I suppose I'm looking for is ideas for him to consider - rather like the Twins were making money selling tricks ( but I don't want Sirius to do that)

That's a good point about the education expenses. It hadn't quite registered with me, but I imagined that he'd be under a similar deal to Tom Riddle who had his expenses paid ... or else the Blacks just had to pay up and had no choice. That's sparked a minor Walburga plot in my head ... hmmm. Thanks Ari.

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although I don't know what night life is like in England -- are there restaurants and the like open?).
Well in 1976 ish, pubs closed at 11pm at weekends and 10.30 during the week (I think). They weren't open all day. Resturants possibly had more freedom to open later.

Our licensing laws are much more relaxed now and a lot of pubs are open all day until midnight - or later if they get an extension/ rambling off point.