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Thread: Sirius Black

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    Well, personally (and it might be considered a bit cliche) but I always saw a dog as his Patronus. To me, an person's Animagus form and their Patronus form have strong ties to the individual's personality and such, and at the very least, Book 7 has McGonagall's Patronus form the exact same as her Animagus form. (She casts some Patronus spells in the Battle for Hogwarts, if I remember correctly, and they're her tabby cat form.)

    However, the idea of it being the lion is interesting, though I also, personally, see him as having a bit more of a Slytherin side than some fan fic writers want to show him as. So many want to take away ALL signs of a Slyth from Sirius, when in reality, if you at the very least look at some of his character, there's a lot of Slytherin aspects to it.

    But then again, I've always been of the idea that Slyths and Gryffs have a lot more in common in terms of characteristics than they actually admit, and the two Houses have plenty of members that share them (Harry, Sirius, Snape, to name a few right off the top of my head).

    But no, in canon, there is no CLEAR definition of what Sirius's Patronus form is (the books never have him casting the spell).


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    Let's not forget "ladies man Sirius" and "player Sirius".

    We don't know what his Patronus is. A lot of times people will mix your Patronus and Animagus forms up; I think a lot of that came from Dumbledore. On the other hand, your Patronus has to be readily identifiable as coming from you.

    Since Sirius was so against his family you can probably rule out almost anything typical of the House of Black with the possible exception of the dog. On the other hand, in Greek mythology, Sirius was Orion's dog, and Orion is Sirius Black's father's name.

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    I honestly think it's very cliche to keep making Sirius the "player" who is the only charecter who has dated every other charecter in the Potterverse. I think-know-gazillions of girls pine after him, but does that nessicarily mean that he pines back? Remember in Snape's Worst Memory, the girl was eyeing him, and what did he do? Nothing. He didn't look back. Was that because he was uninterested in only her? Maybe. But there's the chance that he doesn't ALWAYS have time for girls. In the long run, I think he'd find his friends a more important matter than girls. Otherwise, I'm sure he would've ended up married. I could be wrong, but I can't see a guy like Sirius NEEDING to date everyone and be snogging non-stop. He might seem like it at times, but there's no way he'd have time for Marauder like mischeif.

    As for his patronus, what protected him? His animagus form, obviously, from Remus. I'm sure it would be a dog, not because of his personality, but because a dog, himself, protected him from a werewolf for so many years. I don't know. It could be a stag if he felt James protected him. I mean, his family supported Sirius all those years. There's a really big connection there. Honestly, though, if Sirius has a stag patronus, that would be...redundant? There seems to be a large amount of deer-like figures already.

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    I would like to add that, from a purely physchological perspective, Sirius would be a likely candidate for frequently seeking out female attention. Research and Freudian psychology suggest that when a girl does not have a strong father figure, she may desperately seek attention and acceptance from other males. Conversely, when a boy lacks a strong/supportive mother figure, he tends to seek validation from other females.

    In canon, we know that Sirius did not have a good relationship with his mother. She was verbally (if not physically) abusive, as well as mentally unstable and dogmatic about Pureblood supremacy. It is interesting that Sirius never remarked specifically on his relationship with his father; it was his mother that he mentioned disliking in OotP. His dysfunctional relationship with his mother no doubt led to problems with females in the future, since the early interaction between a boy and his mother largely determine how he will treat other females later on in life. The mother-son bond is the son's model for all opposite-sex relationships.

    Therefore, I think that Sirius has the correct psychological profile for seeking out attention from numerous females, and, moreover, treating them arrogantly and with possible disrespect, as he learned to treat his mother. Factor in his charm, popularity, and confirmed good looks, I don't think it is by any means ridiculous or cliche to characterize Sirius as a player, but is probably the most realistic and logical chracterization, given the facts that we know about his family/social life.

    However, I think Sirius would find stable platonic relationships with the other Marauders more rewarding than his flightly relationships with females, and would put significantly more time/energy into his friendships than into his love life.

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    I have personally never thought of Sirius as the guy to court women endlessly. Sirius has always struck me as a dignified person, who, as Maddy correctly puts it, would put his friends before his girlfriends.

    JKR has never mentioned Sirius being in love. Ever. In fact, if I correctly remember, when Sirius was giving his OWL, every girl's eyes were fixed on him, YET he did not pay attention to them. If Sirius were a flirt, wouldn't it be normal for him to wink and smile at the girls? I really can't imagine Sirius running after a girl.

    Maybe he never shared a good relationship with his mother, or a few of his sisters, but that is no indication of his wanting attention from girls. It could also have had a negative effect on his perspective of women *shrugs*.

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    I do believe that Sirius put his friends before any girl that came along. However, Sirius also had a need to prove himself, stemming from his crappy upbringing. I agree with Hatusu on that-he would have mimicked his relationship with his mother in his romantic relationships. I think that he would have picked up a girl when it was convenient for him (as in, he had nothing else going on), and then dropped her when the Marauders needed him/something more exciting came along. As much as I love Sirius, he did have some serious (excuse the pun) character flaws. Most notably, in my opinion, is the fact that he was somewhat of an adrenaline junkie. He, Peter, and James became Anamagi not just to help Remus, but to go out and explore and have adventures (I'm thinking of the end of PoA, when Remus talks about how they started to leave the Shrieking Shack and roam Hogsmeade). Sirius needed something exciting going on at all times. This is still true when he gets out of Azkaban. He goes to see Harry off at King's Cross even though he's a wanted man.

    As for him never being in love, I don't believe he ever got a chance. He went from Hogwarts to fighting in a war, to Azkaban before he was out of his 20s. I think that if he had had a somewhat normal life, he would have eventually calmed down. As it was, I think he would have a girl as long as it was convenient. Nothing too serious, because he already had three good friends. I also think that he wasn't above using flirting to get what he wanted. I'm not sure, but that seems like something he'd do.

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    Sirius' Patronus

    Hi! I have to say that I do like the lion idea for a patronus, but I do find the idea of a dog patronus cliched. In my mind I've always envisaged James having the lion patronus (as is true in my story) and seeing as I'm about to write about patronuses in my story I've put a bit of thought into Sirius' myself. I eventually decided on a Gryffin. Yes, I know, Gryffin - Gryffindor is most likely construed as a cliche but I feel in love with the idea. The Gryffin is a strong, impressive and I imagine it as being a creature with quite an arrogant air. Also I see Sirius having a mythical creature as opposed to a normal animal quite an alluring idea. After all he is a pureblood and I can see him wanting a patronus which is more impressive and unusual than anyone elses. A Gryffin in mythology was said to guard treasure, which would support Sirius' rich background (although his hate for his family and pureblood mania may rebut this idea) andI think a Gryffin would be well up to the job of protecting one of the infamous Blacks.

    Anyway that's just my input, and I hope that I managed to help in some way!

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    A Gryphon... That's really interesting! I've Wikipedia'd it to get more information, heh. You know what I did that was very useful? I took a animal personality quiz and pretended that I was Sirius as I was answering the questions. I took a few different ones, and I came up with lion, tiger, eagle, and horse. On Wikipedia it says a Gryphon has an eagle's head and talon's, a lion's body, and it's ears are described a "horse-like". That's kind of perfect, actually. I'm actually jumping a bit with joy inside cause it fits so perfectly to me. I was teetering with lion because it is a little un-Sirius because it doesn't have enough Slytherin in it, you know? Sirius does indeed have Slytherin in him, he is, after all, a Black, and a Gryphon seems powerful and majestic.

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    Thanks, I'm really glad I could help! . I have all my character's patronuses now, and Sirius' is one of my favourites! I just have to think of one for Peter (good luck to me! lol) I hope the writing of the rest of your story goes well .

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    The Marauding Cupcake

    Question Tatoos, anyone?

    I'm writing this little scene in my WiP and Remus refers to tatoos that Sirius has. The story takes place during OOTP and reading it back I started to wonder if maybe I was getting too much into fanon (or manon) in this area. What are your thoughts on whether Sirius would have them or am I just imagining too much Gary Oldman!Sirius?

    It's a bit of a funny scene, so I'd like to keep it. I've always seen Sirius and the rebellious one and would think he'd pervertedly delight in getting one to marr his Pureblood Black ancestry. Then again, maybe tatoos are just as accepted in the wizarding world.

    If you believe that he would have one (or more), what do you think would be significant enough for him to get?


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