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Thread: Moving the Burrow and Muggles in the Floo

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    Moving the Burrow and Muggles in the Floo

    I'm working on a new story and I was wondering, when Dumbledore sends Harry's trunks to the Burrow (before they go see Slughorn), what spell did he use to do it? If there isn't a specific spell do you think it was really advanced magic or something any grown Wizard would be able to do? I was needing Molly to be able to move most of the stuff out of the Burrow without having to use a moving truck.


    Can Muggles use the Floo Network, a Portkey or Side-along-apparate if they are accomponied by a Witch or Wizard? I need a way for Hermione to quickly escape Death Eaters with her parents and Crookshanks.

    One more:

    Did DH mention what kind of tag was on young Witches and Wizards so that they can be tracked?

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    Ryan The Wizard
    I always assumed that he was just Vanishing the objects and then making them reappear when they got to the Burrow. Either that or he used an extremely powerful Banishing Charm.

    I assume they could use a Portkey or Side-Along Apparition because as far as I know you don't need a wand to perform Side-Along Apparition. Also, a Portkey doesn't require magical power, according to canon.

    In DH, the thing was called a Trace. The Ministry could detect magic around the Young Wizards or Witches, but they couldn't accurately determine whether it was the Young Witch or Wizard doing the magic. Children in wizarding households can use magic on the holidays because the Ministry can't determine who is doing it. That's why Harry got punished when Dobby used magic in his house, because there was no other documented wizard in the area.

    Therefore they determined it was Harry.

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    The tracker on young witches and wizards was called the Trace. I think Muggles could be transported by Side-Along Apparition and Portkeys and stuff if a wizard was helping them, but I'm not so sure about Floo. Though I don't remember anything being said about this in canon, so you've probably got a bit of freedom with this.

    With Molly and the trunks, its likely she could transport them by Floo powder. I think there'd be some kind of spell invovled, but I doubt its a particularly complex one, as its probably quite often used by wizards moving house if one did exist. Again, I think you've got a lot of freedom with it though.

    Hope this helped,

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