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Thread: Mythological herbs not listed in the books/Lexicon?

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    Mythological herbs not listed in the books/Lexicon?

    Hello everyone, I'm wondering if anyone has a good resource for mythological or magical herbs that is not the Lexicon; stuff that we didn't see in the books.

    Specifically, I'm thinking of things like:

    Moly ( : specifically the one Hermes gave to Odysseus)
    Borometz (
    I'll even go so far as to accept things like Silphium ( even though that was a real plant.

    Also, does anyone know offhand what the cordial that Aslan gave Lucy in The Lion, the Witch & The Wardrobe? (I know that's not strictly an HP question, but if it's a particular plant juice, that plant could be useful)


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    According to a vague memory and on online source, Lucy's cordial was made from "the juice of fireberries from the mountains of the sun". However, that might be from the movie rather than the book.
    Hope it still helps.

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    Did I mention how much I LOVE google? Well, here is a website where I found some fascinating herbs... Cited from

    Hope it helps!

    EDIT: This post only looks uninformative since if I posted what I cut from the internet, it would be an EXTREMELY long page.

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