The Nineteen Years Later Ficathon

1st September 2017 marks the date of the epilogue - the epilogue - as in Nineteen Years Later.

2017 also marks the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’s publication in the UK, and the 10th anniversary for the publication of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

As such, we’ve got a ficathon to celebrate all three of these remarkable and exciting dates. You can write a fic, drabble or poem. For drabbles under 500 words, post them in this thread. For fics and poems, post them on the archives and link to them in this thread.

You can use the prompts below, or if you have another idea for a fic which takes inspiration from these anniversaries, then please post them in here too! It’s a free-for-all ficathon - an open celebration for the fandom!

If you have any other ideas for prompts for this challenge, post them in the ficathon thread in The Great Hall.

For more information, please visit the ficathon thread here. All fics, drabbles and poems for the ficathon must be posted in the main thread.

The Line-Up

“Autumn seemed to arrive suddenly that year.”

“All was well.”

These two iconic lines are the first and last of the epilogue and the last of the epic series overall. Use either of these lines (or both) to open or end your fic.

Your fic can be related to the epilogue, or be completely separate! The choice is yours.

The Other Next Generation

We’ve seen many iterations of the epilogue in fanfic over the past ten years since it was first published.

Take another wizarding family who is farewelling a child on Platform 9 and ľ on September 1st 2017, and write about them. They could be completely new Original Charaters, or it could be a minor character with their own Next Generation family whom we don’t often see in fanfic.

An Alternate Nineteen Years Later

The Cursed Child plays around with time, which invariably creates several different versions of Nineteen Years Later.

Alter your own canon timeline - what would Nineteen Years Later look like if something in the original series hadn’t happened.

What if Sirius never died? What if Voldemort won? What if Harry and Hermione ended up together?

Write a fic about what Ninenteen Years Later - September 1st 2017 - would look like in that alternate universe.

26th June, 1997

That’s the date when Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was first published in the United Kingdom.

Write a fic about that day in the Potterverse. Voldemort’s second reign of terror was about to begin, Draco had his 17th birthday a little earlier in the month, Dudley also turned 17, Harry learned that Snape overheard Trelawney’s original prophecy, Harry and Dumbledore retrieved the Horcrux locket and Dumbledore was eventually killed.

A lot happened in June 1997 - let’s explore it.

Leaving Hogwarts

“Leaving Hogwarts” by John Williams is the track used for the epilogue scene in the Deathly Hallows film. It was also the ending to the final scene in the first film - how apt!

Listen to this track from the film score and use it as your inspiration for a fic. You can find the music on Youtube, Spotify and iTunes.

Extra Info

+ Each prompt can be claimed multiple times. If two people have done the prompt before you and their entries have been posted then you can go full steam ahead - there are no limits.

+ If you write a romantic pairing, they do not have to be canon.

+ You may include OCs.

+ Fics can be one-shot or chaptered.

+ All ratings and warnings must comply with MNFF standards. If you are posting a drabble here on the boards, we will not accept anything over 6th-7th years or anything that contains graphic acts or language that are not suitable for the boards.

+ If you have any other questions then post in the All Great Hall Questions #4 thread. Keep this thread free for entries only.

This ficathon will run from now until September 1st, 2017.

+ When you post your fic, please use the following form in the ficathon thread:

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Happy writing!