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Thread: Report-a-spam!

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    There's a spammer called hoowei. Wei's actually a cool Chinese name, but you might want to look into that.

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    So I finally got a new password for the main fanfic site, and then responded to some reviews, and then discovered some icky, icky spam posts. Boo!

    And now, I'm totally telling on those jerks! ;J) Okay, I hope I'm doing this right...

    jacktm at

    lusiana at

    lcklck16 at

    jianbin0406 at

    xiaojun at

    lcklck16 at

    jianbin0406 at

    FinestCarpet at

    chenyingying at
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    Lori - I am slowly making my way through those spammers.

    Jenn - can you please post a link to the spammers account? It's not easy to find them without a link.

    Just a reminder for everyone, to report a spammer:

    • Post a link to the spammers account in this thread
    • Check to make sure the spammer isn't already reported in this thread

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    There's a spammer named Ambrose who actually tried to make his spam reviewish, lol.

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