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So, I wasn't going to bring this up because I didn't want to be that annoying person. You know what I am saying? I never receive Acceptance or Rejection Letters anymore. And I am a techie, so I know to check junk folders, spam folders, labels, or whatever. This isn't usually a problem. In fact, it's hardly ever a problem, ehich is why I never bother bringing it up. And then I forget about it. However, on the very rare chance that something does get rejected, I don't know why. Consequently, I, and probably others, don't know what to fix. To be honest, that's like a problem in a continuous circle or something. I don't like bothering folks. Didn't we used to get email notifications that said when folks responded to our reviews? Yes, I have checked that, too, in preferences or whatever . (I am a researcher - I look for answers. ) Okay, well that's that. The end of my wondering.
We always send Acceptance and Rejection letters, whenever we are modding fics. The only time we do not send a rejection letter is if the chapter is continuously violating one of our submission rules - so you should always be getting letters as neither I nor Vicki can recall ever auto-rejecting one of your chapters.

Do you still get notifications when someone leaves a review for one of your fics?

I'm also going to send you an email through your author page to see if that goes through so please check and let me know.