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Thread: Angelina Johnson

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    I think Angelina would stay with him for as long as she could and just be there for him, but after awhile, I think, she would realize that she had to move on.

    You could keep her, if you like, but you have to be careful. She would eventually go, but not immediately. She'd try to help, first.

    I hope that helps you on your quest on which the fate of your characters rests.


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    Phoebe Gruzelieur
    I see her being stubborn, and I can also seeing her doing everything she can to help. But eventually, I think she'd have to move on. I don't think she's a particularly symapthetic character (treatment of Oliver Wood) and she's too practical and down-to-earth to stay forever.

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    Ghoul in Pajamas
    I think she would try to stay and help for as long as she could, but eventually she might just feel like it was enough. You might need to have George do something to prove to Angelina that he's loyal to her and their relationship, etc.

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    Angelina has always appealed to me as a dignified , independant , self- sufficient character. I just don't know why .

    Her things won't be super organized but she would know what she wants is where . her sense of judgement also appeals to me and if she did keep a flat , it would not be very neat and tidy , but objects would be in their proper place .

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    What blood purity is Angelina? Shes my main character in my fic, does anybody else know any certain characteristics she'd have?

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    I really have no idea about her specific blood-purity, but if I had to guess, her parents might both be half-bloods.

    Well, we know she's responsible from her stint as Captain of Quidditch for Gryffs, she was able to keep a cool head when the Slyths were taunting them, she has a bit of a sense of humor to go with George, and she's athletic. She does have a bit of a temper under stress seeing as she gutted Harry when he got detention.
    Hope I helped!

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    Do you thinks she had any siblings? Any other info on her?

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    I looked on the Lexicon, and there's no information on her family. So you have a free reign with this. I've always imagined her having one younger sister, though. However, it's just what I randomly think.


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    What do you believe the form of Angelina's Patronus is? She was in Dumbledore's Army, so be can assume she at least tried to learn it.

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    Alright, poor Angelina has been ignored, so I'm double-posting with more questions about her. I would still like to hear some opinions as to what her Patronus form would be, but I also have some more questions about her as an adult.

    What kind of mother do you see her being?

    How do believe she is seen by her nieces and nephews?

    What career do you see her in?

    How do you believe she and Mrs. Weasley got along?

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