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Thread: Angelina Johnson

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    I had a backstory for Angelina that I was using in a drabble once. It's based on nothing but my own thoughts, so no canon evidence whatsoever, but here goes.

    Angelina's dad was a wizard and her mum a Muggle. He was a Quidditch player who was badly injured so became a coach. However, he wasn't a good coach and they had very little money. Angelina's mother never quite got to grips with Gamp's laws and couldn't understand why he couldn't just 'magic up some gold'. She leaves him (and Angelina) and marries a Muggle to become respectable.
    I always thought of Angelina as an only child.

    By the way George and Angelina do visit her mother with the children, but it's always a strained affair.

    Pure speculation, but that's just the way she presented herself in my head.


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    I would assume that Angelina had no siblings due to the fact that none were mentioned at Hogwarts with her. Or, they would obviously be much older or younger than she to never have attended during her seven years. Depending on what you want to do with your story, she could have an other brother or sister that has graduated Hogwarts before she's arrived. She could belong to a single parent family, and that sibling could help assume the role of missing parent.

    I had just assumed she was an only child, though I'm not sure why. I know we can't have expected Rowling to have mentioned every single sibling of every single person that attended, but there were other sets of siblings mentioned outside of the large Weasley family: the Pavarti twins, the Creevey brothers, etc.

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    I have Angelina for CE class and was quite pleased with the sorts of questions that were already asked in this thread as they give all sorts of telling details.

    I, too think that she wouldn't make a career of Quidditch, but think she would have some sort of career. I don't see her being an Auror or a journalist, either. A shop keeper is okay, but since Fred and George already went that route, I'd like to think of something different. I think she enjoyed Quidittch as a student-athlete sort of thing but would pursue other interests as an adult. An ideas?

    As far as her Patronus goes, I like the raptor idea myself as well. It seems more fitting than the others to me, and it is odd there aren't more birds of prey ones.

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    I think she enjoyed Quidittch as a student-athlete sort of thing but would pursue other interests as an adult. An ideas?
    A lot of friends of mine at school were really a lot into sports (not me though, but I can talk about them). My brother for example played soccer three times a week at least, now he's studying to become a journalist in politics (does that make sense? I don't know whether there's a term for that. A journalist who writes about politics?). Two others are studying medicine. One is studying kind-of medicine, but specifically for sports (i.e. with injuries, and what they should eat, how best to train, ...). One is going to be a vet. One has gone to design furniture.

    What I'm trying to say is - they do many different things now. What I think should be noted is that they are all quite brainy. They study difficult things like medicin and law, and they're really good so far, too. But you definitely don't have to focus on the sports aspect (although she could be working at a broom manufacturer's, too). Maybe she wants to work at the Ministry, in Law Enforcement? Or even something like experimental charms...

    Or what about a magi-archaeologist? (I don't think it's a JKR-approved career, but I think it would work)
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    I think she enjoyed Quidittch as a student-athlete sort of thing but would pursue other interests as an adult. An ideas?
    I have forgotten all the optional professions that have been mentioned here so far, but what about a Healer? We don't know the classes she took at school, but I imagine that was fairly responsible with her school work, enough to make her Quidditch captain anyway. Her responsibility and quick actions would probably go along well in a medical line of work, especially if she was in charge of a ward at St. Mungo's.

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    yep, i should have listed out the other options that had been offered earlier, but mediwizard is an interesting idea. Don't believe it was mentioned before.

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    I think that she would want to do something active, not working in the Ministry at a desk job. I do like idea that she would work at St. Mungo's, because she is a very smart and caring person. It is possible that she could have gone into Quidditch as career, but I think that she would want to do something more serious. A possibility is that maybe she did a short Quidditch career, and then became a Healer, perhaps?

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