I was shocked that Moody didn't already have a discussion thread.

I'm currently writing a story set in the first war with Voldemort. So my Moody character is younger and less grizzled. He's still rather serious and slightly paranoid. He's a minor character, but I have this idea bouncing around in my brain that may get some fleshed out in my story, or maybe a one-shot later.

Moody has decided that he should be protecting Dorcas Meadowes from a possible Death Eater attack.
Meadowes works for the Daily Prophet. She's a real journalist, and has written some rather brave editorials, including one entitled "Constant Vigilance," which has practically become scripture to Moody.

So my question is: Is it entirely improbable that they would have some chemistry, possibly even a relationship? It's Mad Eye Moody, so I know they wouldn't have a 'normal' relationship. I also know it can't have a happy ending - "Voldemort killed her personally," but it's kind of a fun thought.

So, assuming this is probable, what would her character be like?
Tough as nails? Or brave but sweet - like his light in the darkness?
What is more likely? And what would make a better story?