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    Sarah Lily Potter

    Hey guys so yes, this is my first ever post on this site, though I have been a lurker for many years. I finally decided to brave it and post, mainly because I need the help of all you fellow fanfic writers out there.

    Now Harry Potters twin sister, it's been done, it's cliche I know, but I'm hoping I can develop my story as such people are interested in her, and her journey. So here are the basics and any input you guys could give me would be really appreciated.



    - Name: Sarah Lily Potter
    - Birth date & age during story: 31st July 1980 - 17 years old
    - Basic Appearance: Red wavy hair that just grazes mid-back, hazel eyes, 5 ft 5, slim
    - Parents: Lily and James Potter
    - Parents’ Occupations, if employed: Deceased.
    - Siblings, if any: Harry James Potter
    - Other known blood relatives, if any: Vernon, Petunia, Dudley Dursley.
    - Pets, if any:
    - Area of Residence: Privet Drive and Hogwarts School
    - Blood type :Half-blood
    - Hogwarts House [and why]: Gryffindor and she thinks it's a family thing. Her loyalty and bravery never wavered, even during her toughest times.
    - Best school subjects: Transfiguration and Charms, they're both subjects she's found herself pulled in by and enjoys them immensely.
    - Worst school subjects: Ancient Runes as she struggles to get her head around the whole subject so never really fully applied herself to it.
    - Interests: Reading, Drawing, Gardening, Muggle Crime Novels, Dancing, Music and baking.
    - Internally Damaging Traits [Negatives/Weaknesses that mainly affect the character]: Stubborn and has a tendency to over-analyze people, situations.
    - Outwardly Damaging Traits [Negatives/Weaknesses that mainly affect others]: She bottles things up, sometimes it can come across to people that she doesn't care...she does, she cares deeply but sometimes it may not seem that way.
    - Internal Positive Traits [Strengths within the character]: Focused.
    - Outward Positive Traits [Strengths in dealing with or affecting others]: Level-headed. Positive.

    In Depth – Magical Metaphors

    - What would your character see if he/she looked in the Mirror of Erised? Her parents stood side by side with her and her twin brother.
    - What would their Boggart be? Harry, dead.
    - What would their Animagus form be? N/A.
    - What would their Patronus be? Cat
    - What scent would the character get from Amortentia? Chocolate, Rain, Wildflowers
    - What memory would they relive in the presence of a Dementor? The night Sirius was killed springs to mind.

    In Depth – Relationships

    - How does your character act around his/her friends? Sarah has always been a bubbly, outspoken individual and around her friends she's very open and honest. She wears her heart on her sleeve and those she considers her friends each own their own special place in her heart. She's the loyal sort and fun to be around.
    - How does your character act around teachers? Around her teachers she tries to remain very respectful, even if she has issues with what she is learning or even if she doesn't really like the subject.
    - How does your character act around his/her parents? N/A as she never got the chance to find out.
    - How does your character act around his/her enemy? Doesn't bother to hide her distaste for them, but she won't cause a confrontation, though if they do she's never been the type to back away from a fight and isn't afraid to stand up for herself.
    - Is your character in love with anyone? She's had crushes but never been in love....well not yet...
    - How does your character express platonic love, if at all? She's a physical person, the kind of girl to always be touching her friends in some way, whether it be a hand on the arm, hand holding, or sudden hugs. She's of the mindset that you should always make sure the people around you know how you feel about them as you never know what tomorrow brings.
    - How does your character express romantic love, if at all? When she has had a boy-friend she's pretty much the same as platonic, though maybe more intense probably.
    - How would your character react if he/she would be betrayed by his/her best friend? Hurt of course. Despite being open she's not someone who places her trust in many people and to have it betrayed I think would completely destroy her. She may forgive the individual but I doubt their relationship if they had any, would ever be the same again.

    In Depth – Personal/Emotional

    - How does your character react under pressure? When upset? When angry? Under pressure she tends to retreat into herself and try to find herself the best solution. Maybe dance it out. When she's upset or angry she does have a tendency to bottle it up and occasionally break down. She's never been the kind to have out of control outbursts. You can sense when she's angry or upset as she does go quiet, or begin to bite her nails.
    - What makes your character angry? I.e., what are his/her buttons? Ignorance. Feeling like someone is trying to intimidate her.
    - How does your character react to teasing? How much does he/she get teased, and if so, how is it meant? Sarah isn't the kind to pay much attention to teasing, then again, she is a teenage girl and it does sometimes get to her. All she'll try to do is ignore it and if that doesn't work fight back. She does get teased by Slytherin's, like most in the school...coupled with the fact she's Harry's twin then you can imagine the things said...he's the chosen one, she is not.
    - What hurts this character? What penetrates so deeply that it makes him/her want to cry (regardless of whether he/she actually does)? She never got to know her parents and it hurts her that, that chance was stolen from her, even though she doesn't feel like she knew them she misses them. Harry's the chosen one and she knows what that means, she knows what could happen, how this war is going to end and the fact her brother is at the center of it hurts and not because she's jealous. No, he's her only family, her twin, her best-friend and she's scared of losing him. There's been many nights she's broken down alone in bed, terrified she's going to lose him.
    - How does your character handle his/her own emotions? Are they controlled? Bottled up? Obvious? Is he/she a loose cannon? Bottled up.
    - How does your character handle other people's emotions? Does he/she feel awkward? Comfortable? Does it depend on the person? Comfortable.

    In Depth – Personal/Biographical

    - What was the character's childhood like? Not a very happy one.
    - What major traumas did the character have to go through, and how did they deal with it? Her parents died when she was one. She never knew them so growing up she had to learn to cope with the fact she never had the chance to do so. She was hit by a car at the age of 9 years old, but recovered after a few months. She dealt with it fine, though she did find it hard to go out afterwards, scared the same thing would happen because she wasn't careful.
    - Did anything happen that drastically changed the character's personality, subconscious or not? She became a witch, that made her happier I guess...then there was Sirius's death and although her and Harry took it in stride, learned from it...his death still affected Sarah deeply and brought about just how dark things were about to get for her, her brother and their friends.
    - Which events in the past define your character's personality? (trauma's etc...) None.
    - Do they have trouble talking about their past? Not really.

    In Depth – Personal/Moral & Ethical

    - Does the character follow the same actions or have the same beliefs as his/her parents and/or family? She believes in the fight her parents died being a part of. She knows the war is coming and like Lily and James, she's ready to stand side by side with her brother, her friends and fight, even if it comes down to her losing her own life she won't shy away from the war.
    - How does your character feel about the political situation in the time-frame of your story? Hates it, but feels she's ready for whatever happens next. Things can only get better once this is over right?
    - Would your character identify more with the cause of the Death Eaters or the Order of the Phoenix? Order of the Phoenix of course.
    - How strong is his/her conscience? Strong.
    - What is their stance on Marriage? Adultery? Adultery is wrong. Marriage is a sacred act between two people who love each other. It's an act she prays she one day gets the chance to experience for herself. She loves love, and dreams of the day she's lucky enough to find her soul-mate and marry him.
    - Stance on the Unforgivables? Against them. Only someone evil, someone with no heart could even dare to use such things.

    In Depth – Personal/Future

    - If still in school, what is their career ambition? She wants to be a Healer.
    - What other career/business goals/aspirations do they have? As a child she dreamed of being a dancer, but knowing the unlikelihood of that she has her mind focused on becoming a Healer, which in this day and age with the war, is much more practical.
    - What social/relationship goals do they have? She wants to make sure those in her life always know how much they mean so sets about making sure to do little things for them every day. Also one day, if she lives through this she wants to fall in love.
    - What internal/personal goals do they have? Try and finish school and help her brother win this fight.
    - What do they wish to accomplish before they die? A happy, full life. Sarah wants to know that she simply did her best.

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    *BUMP* I could really use the help with this guys! Free cookies for any help you can give me!

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    You're right. This has been done before. It will not be an easy story to make believable.
    There are a few things you'll have to do to make this work.

    1. Either fit her into every one of Harry's adventures or provide a logical explanation for why she wasn't around for them. Since she's a Gryffindor, she'll likely be a key part of his adventures.
    2. Realize how drastically Harry's psyche would be altered by having a sister. So you either have to change Harry's character or have her not be discovered until much later. She could've been hidden with James' family, or went to school at Beuxbatons, etc. Also, note that the dynamic of the trio will be drastically altered by Harry having a sister.
    3. Make sure she isn't a Mary Sue (a too-perfect character who is a often a projection of the author). Right now, you're in Mary Sue territory, a bit. The biggest red flag I noticed is:
    - Which events in the past define your character's personality? (trauma's etc...) None.
    - Do they have trouble talking about their past? Not really.
    She's Harry Potter's sister. She's going to have defining events in her past. She's also probably going to have trouble talking about some of the things that have happened to her.
    In general, she seems a bit too chill, given the environment in which she grew up.
    It would help if you gave her a life outside of Harry. Possibly even have her go through a period of jealousy or rebellion in reaction to being the Chosen One's sister.

    I hope I wasn't too hard on you. I admire your ambition for taking on a story this difficult. Good luck!

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