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Thread: The Slithering Artist: Nagini's Serpentine Banners

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    Nagini Riddle

    The Slithering Artist: Nagini's Serpentine Banners - AVAILABLE!

    Hi! I wish to start up this thread because in the past, I have been starting to make banners, and with membership being down, I thought I would advertise and show off my banners.

    Feel free to request something from me. I do not use any special photoshop or anything like that. I mainly use PicMonkey, PicCollage, Picasa Photo Edit, and sometimes Paint. So, I am somewhat limited in the special effects I can do.

    Name (on archives too): Nagini Riddle
    House: Gryffindor... Lions and Tigers and Lions, Oh My!
    Author Page: click!
    Banner Making sites: PicMonkey, Picasa Photo Edit, Paint, and PicCollage
    How long have I been making banners? Gee... let's go with about three months
    Specialties: Um... I guess giving the banner a darker mood. I also like to work in sepia tones and other dark tones.
    Fav. Fanfic Category: Poetry and Dark/Angst
    OTP(s): Tough to choose! I love Snamione, Sev/Lily, Tomione, Merope/Tom, and I also don't mind rarepairs, like Sev/Celie from my favorite story The Accidental Godmother
    Turn around time: At most a week, if I am really busy

    *If you wish to use one of the banners that I have made already and are up in my thread, feel free! Just be sure to give credit to Nagini Riddle, and no HOTLINKING!* (though hotlinking shouldn't be a problem...)

    Here are some examples of my banners:

    The Black Rose banner

    Happy Holidays Snape banner

    Harry/Hermione banner

    If you wish to request a banner, please use the form below:

    PHP Code:
    [B]Name: (if you wish to have your name on banner)[/B]
    B]Title of story link (if applicable):[/B]
    B]Catch phrase (if you would like one):[/B]
    B]Overall moodcolorstext:[/B]
    B]Banner size (no bigger than 500x300 allowed in signature):[/B]
    B]Anything else?[/B
    I am also willing to do avatars! Remember that they can be no bigger than 100x100 pixels.

    Use this form for avatars:

    PHP Code:
    [B]Overall moodcolorstext:[/B]
    B]Catch phrase (if desired):[/B]
    B]Anything else?[/B
    I look forward to creating art for you!
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