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    Vicki's Review Thread

    Username On The Archives: Oregonian
    Current SPEW Rating: Since I'm just getting started, I will be in the Bronze Ranking.
    How Long I've Been In SPEW: I joined on February 16, 2014.
    Link To My Review Page: Here
    Favorite Reviews I Have Left: Avada Crucio by Vittoria, The Most Unlikely Romance by RoseHyperionMalfoy, Mary Macdonald's Healing Garden by SnapeLives, A Death In The Family by GDPeg43, They Brought The Great Alastor Moody To His Knees by The Last Marauder, Shame by Cannae be Kenobi
    Stories Of Mine I Would Like To See Reviewed In Depth: Any of them, although Soraya/babewithbrains has already reviewed Renewal.
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