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Thread: The Yellow Pages: SPEW Edition

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    The Yellow Pages: SPEW Edition

    With a new, rebooted SPEW, it's time to get to know the new faces of the group a little bit better. Fill out this form, and let your fandom flag fly!

    PHP Code:
    [b]Name: [/b](The one you prefer to be called)
    b]Penname/Author's Page: [/b](if different from your forum username)
    [b]Favourite thing about my MNFF house: [/b]
    [b]Why I'
    m in SPEW: [/b]
    b]Favourite non-HP reading material: [/b]
    b]These are a few of my favourite things: [/b](hobbiessnackswhatever)
    b]What kind of stories I tend to write/be known for: [/b]
    B]My pet peeves: [/B]
    b]Favourite MNFF authors/stories: [/b]
    b]Favourite pairings/characters: [/b]
    b]Favourite story I've written: [/b]
    [B]Other fandoms that make me happy: [/B]
    [b]My scribblings: [/b](fill this space with whatever information about yourself you'
    d like to share
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    Name: Jess
    Penname/Author's Page: ToBeOrNotToBeAGryffindor
    Favourite thing about my MNFF house: That we were the first house to break Hufflepuff's long win streak.
    Why I'm in SPEW: I first joined because I wanted to be an amazing reviewer; now I lead the group because I want to teach others how to do the same.
    Favourite non-HP reading material: Hunger Games is my favourite, but I also love trawling AO3 for Supernatural, Arrow, Vmars, and Avengers fanfic
    These are a few of my favourite things: I love Cherry Coke, sudoku, hockey (I used to play, but now I'm more of a spectator), drawing, and office supplies
    What kind of stories I tend to write/be known for: Minor character studies and the darker side of life.
    My pet peeves: OOC behavior to force a pairing to work, homophone errors, incorrect usage of the semicolon, too many paragraphs starting with the same word, and so many more that I'll stop before this takes over the planet.
    Favourite MNFF authors/stories: Oh, jaysus, why did I put this question on the form? Carole/Equinox Chick, Julia/the opaleye, Natalie/hestiajones, Lia/Liandrin, Julie/armagod679, Alex/welshdevondragon, Gina/Gmariam, Jamie/Acacia Carter, Ariana/lucca4, Lori/WeasleyMom, Minna/minnabird, and my all-time fave MNFF author is Hannah/h_vic. Pretty much all my favourites can be found somewhere in their author pages.
    Favourite pairings/characters: I like minor Trio Era characters the best, like the Ravenclaws and other Slytherins, and a side of the upper classmen Gryffs. Never got much into Hufflepuff, but I don't tend to see them on the darker side of life and therefore fall out of my wheelhouse.
    Favourite story I've written: I can't pick one when I've got over 100, but I do love my Hollow Soldiers series the best [Hollow Soldiers, Dust to Dust, Azure in the Snow, Laid to Rest, chronologically, though they weren't written in that order] - one of which is a QSQ winner (Laid to Rest) and all of which were QSQ nominees. I think it captures both the best of my characterisation and my highest quality writing. I do also love pretty much any Oliver Wood fic I've written, as well. :3
    Other fandoms that make me happy: Veronica Mars, Arrow, Supernatural, DC Comics, Marvel Comics, superhero cartoons in general, Star Trek (all eras), Sherlock, Teen Wolf, pre-Moffat Doctor Who, and many more I'm prolly forgetting.
    My scribblings: I'm largely uninteresting. My first fanfic was written in a notebook in 6th grade. It was a script-style fic in which Speed Racer and Trixie got married. It's solid evidence to my why we don't allow authors on the site who are under 13. It was terrible.
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    Name: Vicki
    Penname/Author's Page: Oregonian
    Favorite Thing About My House: Because Slytherin is a very small House, each one of us looms large and can play a crucial role. We are very aware that no Snake is unimportant or dispensable.
    Why I'm In SPEW: I write reviews anyway, and SPEW can give me insight into writing more effective reviews. I have seen how authors greatly appreciate a thoughtful, analytical review.
    Favorite Reading Material: History, language and linguistics, science of many sorts.
    Favorite Things: Music, including music history, gardening (story inspirations can come while weeding), arts, my children.
    What Kind Of Stories I Tend To Write: Things about adults (middle-aged and older), usually not about teenagers. Serious subjects but not depressing. Not romance or teenaged angst. My stories are gentle, even old-fashioned; characters behave sensibly and are looking for insight.
    My Pet Peeves: Sloppy word usage, sentence structure, or grammar. Stories about snarky people who think it's sophisticated to treat others inconsiderately, or stories about people who behave as though alcohol abuse is normal.
    Favorite MNFF authors/stories: Many authors are good, but HalfASlug is consistently good. I like HS's missing moment stories because they fit into canon and reflect JKR's writing standards.
    Favorite Pairings/Characters: I'm not really interested in romance, although I have discovered that many stories in the "Romance" category are mainly about something else. Looking for Prince Charming or Mr. Right was so long ago that I can't remember it. Other stuff seems so much more important now. Characters? I would like to write more about Harry, but not Harry in the Suburbs, and the semi-minor characters, about whom we know a little bit.
    Favorite Story I've Written: The Baby In The Closet because it is so important, and Beloved Son because it is tightly crafted.
    Other Fandoms That Make Me Happy: I have read Tolkien's works, both famous and obscure, extensively. You can see the influence of his Lays of Beleriand in my own poetry. But I don't read other fanfiction.
    My Scribblings: Looking back, I see that I have been writing since I was eight years old, starting with dramas, since I like to envision how my tales will look when acted out. The visual impact is important to me, so I enjoyed staging dramas and getting the costuming and sets just right, creating striking action and making things historically correct.
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    Name: Lori
    Penname/Author's Page: WeasleyMom
    Favourite thing about my MNFF house: They were a very welcoming bunch when I first joined the forum. They were my first friends, and very talented writers, as well.
    Why I'm in SPEW: So I will consistently write reviews. I hate that so few people leave reviews anymore, and it's time I stop whining about it and write more of them myself.
    Favourite non-HP reading material: I'm currently engrossed in the Divergent series. Hunger Games. Percy Jackson. I like fiction, but I tend to also read parenting books (I need help!) and the Bible.
    These are a few of my favourite things: (hobbies, snacks, whatever)
    What kind of stories I tend to write/be known for: Romione and other canon ships, I guess. Theme-wise, I'm drawn to writing grief and loss, especially trying to move through those things. (Yes, I'm the life of the party.) The trio-era Hufflepuffs appeal to me, especially Hannah and Ernie (though not as a couple). Character studies.
    My pet peeves: People who say they have an "ideal" instead of an "idea." (This happens in the part of the US where I live.) People who sit at four-way stops and politely wave others to go first when there is already a LAW in place for who is supposed to go first. In fanfic, I hate Stupid Ron more than anything, especially post-HBP.
    Favourite MNFF authors/stories: Julia/the opaleye, Carole/equinoxchick, Jess/tobeornottobeagryff, Ariana/lucca4, Nicole/teh tarik, Natalie/hestiajones, Kara/Karaley Dargen... and so many more!
    Favourite pairings/characters: Ron/Hermione. Neville/Hannah. Bill/Fleur. I love most canon pairings. Oh, and Remus/Marlene. Choosing characters is hard... all the Weasleys and trio era friends. I'm very interested in Remus lately, and Draco--especially in terms of his redemption. There are very few characters I don't like.
    Favourite story I've written: This is really hard, and my answer might change tomorrow. But right now I think Another Horcrux Down is my favorite. I was both compelled to write it and terrified of screwing it up. It felt like a huge accomplishment to finish it and feel good about it. The fact that it was well-received is the icing on the cake.
    Other fandoms that make me happy: I haven't delved into other fandoms to the degree I have with Harry Potter. But other books/shows I love are... Bones, Downton Abbey, The Hunger Games, Divergent... and I actually did write some X-Files fanfiction, back in the day.
    My scribblings: I've been writing since I was a kid, but it was mostly poetry (bad) until I started writing stories about ten years ago. Just for fun, of course. And I still love doing that as a hobby. I only discovered fanfiction after going completely mad in book 7 by the reference that "Ron has taken Hermione into the house" after the Malfoy Manor thing. Really? REALLY? I was beside myself, daydreaming about what transpired between Ron and Hermione during that time. So I wrote it down, and then went nosing around online... was shocked to see there was an audience for such things. Hehe. The rest is history.

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    Name: Georgia
    Penname/Author's Page: dmbw7052 (why, oh why did I make a ridiculous username)
    Favourite thing about my MNFF house: I love how, because there is so few Slytherins, we all really encourage each other, and when one of our fellow snakes excels at something, everyone is really happy for them.
    Why I'm in SPEW: Well, SPEW always seemed like a fun group to me, and who doesn't like reviews? I love getting reviews, and thought that I should probably help boost the number of reviews myself and not be a hypocrite.
    Favourite non-HP reading material: Oh gosh, this is a very long answer. So I'll only list a few. Hunger games, divergent, any Rick Riordan books, and my absolute favorite other than HP, the Enders Game Saga. That is the most brilliant book series and I am in love with them. *faints at the thought of such beautiful books
    These are a few of my favourite things:* I adore drawing. Mostly I just draw pencil portraits off photos, though I do chalk pastels sometimes, along with colored pencils and painting. And my favorite hobby is sleeping. And I also adore playing volleyball with my wacko friends.
    What kind of stories I tend to write/be known for: I guess I mostly write light hearted stories. Though I try bot to write fluff. Also, I rarely write romance. Character/genre wise, I suppose I stick mostly to next gen, or Hofwarts era. I have an extremely wide range of writing though, so it's hard to find any underlying theme.
    My pet peeves: Probably when people get common sayings or phrases wrong. That just rubs me the wrong way. Song lyrics too.
    Favourite MNFF authors/stories: Oh my, a very long list. Carole/EquinoxChick, Maple/Maple_and_phoenixfeather, Vicki/Oregonian, Ellie/iLuna17, HalfAslug, Tim the enchanter, jeograph I believe it is. Oh man there are way more but I can't think at the moment. I hope I spelled all the names right!
    Favourite pairings/characters: Tom Riddle! Draco, Luna, McGonagall, Hermione, Roxanne, Scorpius, Dramione, George/Angelina, and so many more!
    Favourite story I've written: I'm gonna have to say Tail-Chasing, which is about Scorpius at a pet store, wanting to buy a ferret. Like I said, I write light hearted things. I like it because it was fun to write, and I think my characterization was decent for once. Plus, who doesn't like little boys plus pets?
    Other fandoms that make me happy: Another long list! Sherlock, Doctor who, Arrow, Hunger Games, Dictor who, Merlin, Doctor who, Enders Game, Percy Jackson, and did I mention Doctor Who?
    My scribblings: I like cats. Any kind, wild or domestic. My sisters say I'm gonna grow up and be an old with who lives in a house with thirty cats. Sadly, that may be true. I have six cats: Muffin, Jerry, Sunshine, Spicy, Bilbo, and the littlest, Hercules. They are all precious ans adorable. My preee-ssshuuu-ssss.....
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