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    Review Threads

    As outlined in the revised SPEW Rules, each reviewer will have a review thread in which to post their SPEW Reviews. Here are some tips and guidelines as to what you should post in your thread.

    1. Your first post should be a masterlist of your SPEW reviews, along with links so you can easily track your progress. You may also include reviews posted outside of your SPEW requirements, but remember that this is a showcase of your talents as a reviewer.

    2. You are encouraged to post your in-progress reviews in your thread before posting them to the archives in order to receive peer reviews that could potentially increase the quality of your review and hence your score.

    3. You may also post older reviews of yours that you want advice on from peers, or you can even dissect your own review as an improvement exercise.

    4. Please use the form below in your first post as a guideline to what basic information should be in your member profile.

    PHP Code:
    [b]Username on the archives: [/b]
    b]Current SPEW Ranking: [/b]
    b]How long you've been in SPEW: [/b]
    [b]Link to review page: [/b]
    [b]Favourite review(s) you'
    ve left: [/b]
    b]Stories of yours you would like to see reviewed in depth: [/b

    Please direct any questions about review threads to this thread, and I'll be happy to help.
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