Title of your Story: Tear

Author Name: WrenWinterSong

Catch phrase: Truly Perfect

Overall look of the banner: Something a little gloomy and sad, maybe with the feel of a storm; mostly greyish but with a little bit of faded colors

Fonts: Something simple; nothing too loopy and dramatic but not totally boring either

Characters: Rose Weasley (Jane Levy) should be the main focus of the banner. I would also like Scorpius (Hayden Christensen) and Albus (Sean Faris) in the background, both a little shadowy if possible. And if it wouldn't be too crowded, maybe Ron and Hermione as well, as long as there are pics of Emma and Rupert that look a lot older. If not, just leave them out, please!

Story Summary: Rose Weasley has been chasing perfection for as long as she can remember, but when her friendship with Scorpius Malfoy threatens her immaculate reputation, she must learn to chose between letting him go or letting him in.

- This story focuses on a young adult Rose as she makes her way through her final year at Hogwarts and the years following. It explores the effect family expectations can have on a young woman and the dangers of wanting to please everyone. This is somewhat of a romance and somewhat of a thriller but is mostly a story about self discovery and self worth. -

Banner size: No preference.

Have You Requested This Banner Before?: Nope!

Anything else? Thanks in advance for whoever takes this!