Once again, it is time to bolster our library here in Fiction Junction!

You may have noticed that there are recommendation threads below this one, but the last posts in them are woefully empty and gathering dust from lack of use. That's where you come in. In a reprisal of the original activity that added so much to the rec lists when they were first made, we're calling for all fanfic recommendations and handing out points to anyone who heeds that call.

What do I need to do?
Comb through your favourites and reviews, or even just trawl certain categories to find stories you've read and liked/loved and think other people would enjoy reading.

What do I get if I do this?
Well, house points, of course! Each recommendation carries the possibility of four points: two points for the recommendation post itself, two possible points for reviews. Reviews that would score a 3 or 4 in the Review Drive will earn 2 points; reviews that would garner a 2 or less (let's say a 10 word minimum, and it must be coherent - no keysmash) will gain you 1 point.

Which stories are eligible?
Every last single story on the archives that hasn't already been added to the recommendation threads is eligible. Which stories you recommend will not be judged, but rather that you made the effort to find good fics for your fellow MNFFers. The more, the merrier.

I've already reviewed this story. What do, mod lady?
THESE REVIEWS DO NOT HAVE TO BE NEW OR TIMESTAMPED AFTER TODAY. You may use reviews that you've already left for the story in question and receive credit for them. If the review you have already left is kind of shoddy (hey, we've all done it), then you are free to leave a new one to gain that extra point (no need to delete the old one unless it's uber embarrassing).

I haven't reviewed and don't want to. Can I still participate?
While I wholly recommend reviewing, you do NOT have to complete the review portion of this activity to earn points. That being said, however, you can only earn two points per recommendation, and reviewing a story you like, even a couple quick lines, shouldn't be terribly difficult. You don't have to be amazing or concise - just supportive of the author's work in an acceptable form of English.

The story I want to recommend is also a Review Drive fic. Can I post my review for this activity over there for yet more points; likewise, can I post my review from over in the Review Drive for this activity and get more points, as well?
Look at you, clever clogs! Now you're getting the hang of this. YES, reviews already left for the Review Drive (any Review Drive, past editions of which can be found in FJ's storage forum) CAN be used for this activity and still earn more points because this activity is about having a user-made list of stories that have been loved and recommended, including ones that needed some extra attention to make it here.

Inversely, if you leave a fresh review for this activity and it happens to be a Review Drive story, as well, then you will still get full points for this activity as merited. Please bear in mind, though, that the Review Drive reviews are time-stamp judged and must have been left during the running time of the Review Drive. Any bonuses in effect for this running of the Review Drive will still be valid and unaffected if you use a review for this activity, as well. Think of it as a nod for trying something new and being pleasantly surprised.

How do I post?
Each thread has a form to use in a PHP box. Please use that form. Also, if you have a pre-existing recommendation post or were the last person to post in a particular category, don't worry about it - just post. Please make a fresh post for any recs you are adding for this activity and do NOT use any older ones that might have belonged to you. HOWEVER, for the duration of this activity, please keep all of your recommendations for a single category in a single post for housekeeping reasons. The first one of you who triple posts will be getting your ears boxed.

Is there a limit?
Beyond the capacity of the archives? No! There is no limit to the number of fics you can recommend. All previously un-recommended stories, completed or no, short or long, a thousand reviews or none, are free for you to recommend. The only prerequisite is that you have to have read them at some point.

How long is this deal going to last?
This activity will run until AUGUST24th at the end of the day. After that, I will immediately start marking down who has recced what and scoring the reviews. I have nothing better to do with December 25th, so point results shouldn't take too long to come up, and they will be posted in time for the end of term.

But - but I still have questions? *puppy eyes*
Though I'm 99.999% sure I've answered any question that could possibly arise, please address any questions to this thread and I will endeavour to answer them quickly. Otherwise, don't you have work to do?

Really, though...you have work to do. Snap to it, because I declare this activity officially OPEN!