Hello, all, and welcome to another summer at our very own Hogwarts! There are several classes from which to choose, and for the first time ever, your success is up to you!

For this summer, we are offering an independent study programme, which will allow you to work at your own pace and take as many classes as you choose. In the Hogwarts forums, located at the bottom of the site, we have last year's classes still up and formatted. All you have to do is join the Students usergroup and, upon acceptance, simply jump into any lessons you choose, do the work and discussions dictated by the course, and earn points for what you accomplish at the end of the term. You got halfway through one course? You'll get the points and knowledge earned by your level of participation. You burn through half of the courses and complete them all, exams and all? Same as above.

What if you have questions? As your Headmistress, I will field any questions you might need to ask in the Ask the Headmistress thread. If it's a specialty questions, such as for Bannermaking, then I will outsource your question to qualified parties and go from there. Either way, you're on your own but you're not alone.

With that, the Summer School Term has begun. Any current students may start immediately, and any prospective pupils can send a usergroup join request to Students and get started as soon as they are accepted!

Carry on!