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Thread: Topic 5 ~ Missing you

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    Rita Skeeter
    Name: Rita Skeeter
    House: Ravenclaw
    Title: Dialogue at a Funeral
    Warnings: None
    Word count: 500

    “Ron? Ron, Mum says to…The others are…Er…Do you want me to send Harry up?...Ron? Alright, just lay there then. I’ll be downstairs if…if you need me.”

    “Are you coming, Ron? Or are you just going to—”
    “All day—”
    “It’s not healthy, Mate.”
    “Think of your complexion.”
    “You’re looking pretty ghastly already.”
    “I’ll say.”
    “So, that’s a no, then?”
    “Well, we’ll be downstairs if…”
    “If you need us.”

    “It’s time, Ron. Mum sent me up—even though I heard Ginny say she already came by. You know you’re going to be late if you don’t…Er…Anyways. I’ll be downstairs if you…if you…I’ll be downstairs.”

    “Hey, Mate. Ginny sent me up. She looks…um, well everyone looks pretty… Mind if I sit? You wouldn’t believe how many people came. Even Snape’s here—though I think Professor McGonagall might have had a hand in that. Anyways, I think I’ll stay up here for a little while—too crowded down there.”

    “Ron, dear, I—Oh, there you are, Harry. Do you think you could…No, perhaps you should stay with Ron. Yes, that’s best. But both of you need to come down soon. The Grange…Her parents…Everyone is here now. We’re all waiting on you two—Oh, are you coming now then, Harry? Good. What about you, Ron? Ron? Well…whatever you decide…I’ll just…I’ll leave you two alone then.”

    “I’m going, Ron. You can stay here and lay on your bed if you want, but I’m going. She would have wanted it. Actually, she would have wanted both of us there...but I guess one is better than none… Oh, Damn it, Ron! Get up! Stop being so bloody selfish! I miss her too! We all miss and loved her too! Yes, she was everything wonderful and good and yes I wish more than anything in the world that she could be here with us—but she can’t! She knew what she was doing—she gave her life for ours—she gave her life for all of us, and you should be proud of her!”

    “I am proud of her! You wouldn’t believe how proud I am of her! That’s what makes this so damn difficult, Harry! Don’t you understand? There’s no room in me for anything else—she was the greatest thing that ever happened to me in my pathetic rubbish excuse for a life! I am proud of her!”

    “Then you know what you should be doing, Ron? Instead of sitting here in your dark room, shutting out the world?”

    “What, Harry? For Merlin’s sake, tell me what to do!”

    “Honor her.”


    “She deserves it, Ron. She deserves every word you and I have to say about her—all the wonderful things we know and can share with the world. So share them with me—share them with everyone and let them know how special Hermione Granger is.”

    “That’s impossible…But…you’re right. You’re right. She deserves something—more than I could possibly give. But I’ll do my best. Right...Let’s..."

    "Let's go downstairs.”

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    Name: mudbloodproud
    House: Hufflepuff
    Title: The Last Goodbye
    Warnings: DH Spoilers
    Word count: 325

    After reading all the wonderful drabbles, I had a thought of something different. Something I haven't seen written before.

    Dudley sat in the backseat of the car and looked back at his home. Harry was in there alone. But instead of the worry of Harry touching his stuff, Dudley always had that worry when he was a child. he worried about what was going to happen to Harry. This was a new and unheard of thought to have. Harry had always been a thorn in his side from the time he was just over a year old.

    They, Dudley and his parents were going into hiding with these “Order” people, and Harry was going to….. Well, he didn’t know what Harry was going to do exactly. Only that Harry was in mortal danger.

    Dudley sat and thought. Thought about all the years he hated Harry’s very existence. Now he regretted it. But it was too late to do anything about it. He knew he would probably never see Harry again. But just maybe if Harry did survive whatever it was he was going to do, Dudley could try to make amends. Just how he could do that, he didn’t know.

    He had tried by leaving Harry a cup of tea outside his door this morning, but that didn’t work out. He tried to explain some of what he was feeling before they left, but that also didn’t seem to work out. He didn’t know what he could say or do to make Harry understand he didn’t hate him anymore.

    Maybe someday he would see Harry again. Until then, he felt like he lost a brother. A feeling Dudley just didn’t understand. He never considered Harry a brother or anything close to that. But all the same, that was what Dudley was feeling.

    “Dudders are you feeling ok?” his mother asked from her seat by the other window in the backseat.

    “Yeah.” Dudley replied sadly. He couldn’t explain this feeling of loss he was having to himself, how could he explain it to his mother?
    Title: Spinners End
    Warnings: reference to character death, DH spoilers
    Word count: 288

    This one just came to me after I wrote the first one. It's something I wondered about, who would be there??

    Another day, another funeral. This one however was different. There were no mourners, save one. Harry Potter stood alone in the rain at the gravesite in Spinners End. He couldn’t explain why he needed to come to this funeral to Ron or Hermione, so he came alone. The man being buried here had been the one dark spot of his years at Hogwarts.

    Harry watched as they lowered the coffin into the ground. He couldn’t help but to remember Professor Dumbledore’s funeral. It was packed with so many people. The wizard presiding over it said all the right things, listing Dumbledore’s many accomplishments. Nothing like that was said at this one. The wizard presiding over this one kept it simple.

    There had been many funerals over the past week. Fred, Remus and Tonks, Colin Creevy. There were so many losses during the Battle of Hogwarts. But this loss, this one was different. Harry had hated this man for so many years. Now, he understood. He just wished that he had had a chance to tell him he understood.

    As the dirt was magically put back over the coffin, Harry turned away. He walked several steps before stopping. Turning around, he went back to the gravesite.

    Addressing the grave of Professor Snape, he said simply, “I understand now.”

    Harry made this vow to himself as he finally walked away, ‘I will make sure everyone knows what kind of man he was. He was loyal to Professor Dumbledore and to Hogwarts until the end. He loved my mother and did his best to protect her son even though he hated my father. I will do my best to make sure his portrait hangs in the Headmaster’s office as it should.’
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    Name: Sainyn Swiftfoot
    House: HUFFLEPUFF!!!
    Title: A Terrible Prank
    Warnings: None
    Word count: 100

    Ron slumped against the wall, trying to override his feelings of loss. Sweat and tears flew down his face, together as one. It was as though a part of him had broken off, the world was falling, it was all of no use… love, school, Hermione, Voldemort- all trifles, compared to the pain he was going through…

    It was all the fault of his stupid brothers, the bloody pranksters! After THIRTEEN YEARS, to be separated was, indeed terrible. But no! He would rise above the loss! Work every second; regain what he had lost!

    Ron. Would. Find. His. Teddy. Bear.
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