Name: Angel of Dreams
House: Ravenclaw
Title: Just to Know...
Warnings: Extreme Angst, Character Death, DH Spoilers
Word Count: 334

To a person I once knew,

I heard the news at your funeral.

I wondered why I even came. What did you do, to earn my sorrow, my pain? Why did I feel the burn of the tears, the pain contracting in my heart? Why did I have to look away when your close friend laid you down? Why was there a catch in my throat when I heard that little old man speak about what you did?

I know you better than that.

I was there, all those years ago, that terrible summer day. I saw that monster touch your heart and twist it against those you should have loved. I saw you working for what you saw as the greater good.

Did she die because of you, or because of him, or because of me? The loss that hurt the most to me: did it hurt you just as much? Were the words I spoke at her funeral, the blow I threw there... were they brought by pain, or by grief...

But, then again, you always said that the grief I felt was just love...

Did you feel it too, I wonder? I never asked. It remains a pity, though. I wish I had.

I felt the urge to go up and speak the words of truth to that crowd gathered. I wanted to say what really happened, how your light wasn't as bright as it appeared. Yet I stood back, alone with my grief, wondering... wondering...

And as I remain alone, beside your tomb, I feel the tears coming again. Did you care? Did you feel?

Did you love?

I know, walking home that day, a single answer will answer all those questions.

But can I push back my pain, my anger, to allow that answer?

And so I sit alone, with my old cat, looking at her picture...

And even though I see her smile, I wish I could see you beside her.

Just so I'd know you cared.


*dies* 10 points to Ravenclaw!