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Thread: Mimicking Krum

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    Mimicking Krum

    I need help on how Viktor Krum speaks English. Can someone please describe to me the basics of writing in his accent?

    Also in my fic, Ron starts to mimic him, so, would that sound any different, or is Ron such a good mimicker (as seen in DH)?

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    Ryan The Wizard
    Most W's are replaced with V's. (depends on how you normally say the word, for example, "was" would be come "vas" but "how" would remain "how")

    Most S's are replaced with Z (again, depends on how you say the word.)

    He can NOT pronounce Hermione (Herme-ow-ninny)

    Otherwise, enjoy it, because it's always fun!

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    I will post some of his dialogue from page 552, GoF:

    "Could I haff a vord?"
    "Vill you valk vith me"
    "Don't vont to be overheard."
    "I vant to know vot there is between you and Hermy-own-ninny."
    "You haff never... you haff not..."
    "You fly very vell. I vos votching at the first task."
    So, it seems to be that 'w' is replaced with a 'v'. And, some of his 'v's are replaced with 'ff'.

    As for Ron mimicking Krum, I don't think he would do a very good job. I think he has tried once or twice, but he does a horrible job. I can't find it in the book, so, I couldn't tell you exactly how he tried to imitate.

    I hope I may have helped,

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    Thanks for the help! I was looking myself and GOF is huge and I couldn't remember where Krum actually talks.

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    I have to be annoying and post that I disagree. It's nothing personal, but....

    I think Ron would do an excellent job mimicking Krum. From all that we've seen, when he really wants/needs to mimic someone, he does a great job of it. I mean, he mimicked Parseltounge, for Merlin's sake!

    But, if he was trying to be funny/rude, I think he would purposefully accentuate and overdo things to make fun of him.


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    Thanks for that! I think that would be appropriate. Yeah, he did mimic Parseltongue, so why not?

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