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Thread: Communication between Death Eaters and Order of the Phoenix...?

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    Communication between Death Eaters and Order of the Phoenix...?

    Well basically I was wondering how Death Eaters would send a message to a member of The Order?

    I've racked my brians and I can't think of an instance, in any of the books, where Death Eaters have communicated with the Order (and vise versa) by owl or a message in the form of a patronus etc.

    I'm assuming they avoid using owls to avoid revealing hiding places.

    They couldn't send a person/messenger as they'd have to know the location of headquaters.

    So what do you think could be used to get a message from one group to another?

    Any help would be much appreciated

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    Consider all the possible ways they could communicate: A patronus, an owl, or sending a messenger

    Patronuses (Patroni?) JKR said in an interview that since patronuses are meant to protect you against evil things, Death Eaters never had the need to use them, which is why Snape never had to hide his from Voldy.
    so . . . bye bye to that possibility

    Messenger (I'm blueifying this one cause it's important): You said that they'd have to know the location of the headquarters, but you're forgetting that Voldy has his spy (at least, he thinks he has his spy ). If he wanted to send a message to the order, he would be likely to use Snape. Even though Snape can't tell anybody where the headquarters is, Voldy trust him to deliver it (again- haha! ). And Dumbledore knows that Voldy has to trust him, so he wouldn't get suspicious about how he'd get this information.

    Owls: You're probably right about it being too risky, because the order could always follow the owl back. But Voldy has proved time and time again that he's too arrogant to think anyone could actually outsmart him (ooh, Volders, you're WROOOONG! ). Snape is still safer, though, so Voldemort's more likely to use owls only when he can't find Snape. It would be OK for him to use one occasionally, though.

    And then there's the intercom thing . . . Well, not technically an intercom, but when I was reading the end of DH where voldy was making announcements, I couldn't help but picture an intercom system in Hogwarts, so I'm just going to call it that . Voldy would most likely only use this for big announcements, because he likes to be dramatic sometimes.

    I'd say most of what's true for Voldy's true for the rest of them.

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    I don't think the owl thing might be a big problem, actually. Remember you can make things untraceable. So all they have to do is make either the owl or their location untraceable. I had an example from the books where this was used but I just can not remember it right now.

    And, I'm pretty sure the intercom thingy was just Voldemort using Sonorus. Unless I'm wrong...

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    Ryan The Wizard
    Why would a Death Eater want to contact the Order of the Phoenix, if not to utter the already ever-present, looming threat of death?

    I would assume that Voldemort would attempt to use Harry to send messages to the Order. He did it subconsciously throughout Harry's life, and consciously when he wanted Harry to go to the Department of Mysteries.

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