Welcome to our first open season in the SBBC!

With the festive season just around the corner, the SBBC elves are feeling a little jolly and wish to invite you to our open season for the month of November.

What this means is that ANYONE can take part in the SBBC discussions, whether you are a member or not. We want to give you all a taste of what fun it is to be a part of our group, and if you like it enough you can become an official member

Itís a great month to get involved because we are discussing some QSQ-winning fics!

Just click here and select Join Group for the SBBC. There is no need to put in an application until the end of the month (or earlier if you are really enthusiastic!)

Once weíve approved your temporary membership, you may post in ANY of the discussions. Just make sure you read our rules on conduct first.

+You must be a Sorted member of the boards.

+Previous members who just want to dip their toes in are very welcome, too.

If you decide you want to join the SBBC at the end of November, we will give you a special application offer.

Usually, prospective members have to read and discuss Green Tinted Hufflepuff by mgle_teacher as part of the application. However, if you participate in our open season, you may use any discussion you post as your application! And we will take away the minimum post count too. As long as your behavious throughout November and your discussions are adequate, it doesnít matter if youíve only got 5 posts on the forums or 50!

As an extra incentive, you will earn 5 points for participating in each discussion. So if you participate in discussing one fic, you will get 5 points. If you participate in two discussions you will get 10 etc. regardless of whether you join the SBBC at the end of the month or not. If your posts are not particularly substantial or add anything to the discussion, we reserve the right to not award points.

Obviously, current members will not earn points. However, old members who have left and join in again will earn points.

Any questions can be posted in this thread. We hope to see you there!